Education Training Center- St. Charles Parish Hospital
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Project Title:   Education Training Center St. Charles Parish Hospital
Owner:             St. Charles Parish Hospital, Managed by Ochsner Health
Description:     Renovation of an unoccupied Business Suite at St. Charles Parish Hospital to Suite with Conference Rooms and Simulation Areas.
Location:          1057 Paul Maillard Road, Luling, LA 70070
Sealed bids will be received until the hour of 2:00 PM CST, on ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­January 11, 2023 by St. Charles Parish Hospital District #1 in the Pelican Room, 1057 Paul Maillard Rd., Luling, LA 70070 and all bids will be publicly opened and read.
Education Training Center St. Charles Parish Hospital
To Obtain Bidding Documents:
Licensed General Contractors or their agent may obtain one (1) set of the complete bidding documents from Rozas-Ward Architects, 1100 Poydras St., Ste. 3550, New Orleans, LA 70163. Contractors shall call ahead at (504) 523-4375 to coordinate pick-up.
Alternately, Bidding documents may be accessed online through a uniform and secure electronic interactive system. WWW.CENTRALBIDDING.COM
No bidding documents will be issued later than 24 hours prior to the date and time set for the bid opening. Late bids will not be accepted.
Bids received in violation of LSA-R.S. 37:2163 (failure to provide contractor’s license number on the bid envelope) shall be stamped “Rejected”, returned unopened to the bidder and shall not be read aloud.
Contractors are provided the option to submit bid for public contracts through a uniform and secure electronic interactive system: WWW.CENTRALBIDDING.COM Comply with electronic bidding as stated in the Louisiana Bid Law 2212.1.
Sealed bids must have project name boldly displayed on outside of envelope.
Each bid must be accompanied by certified check, cashier's check or bid bond made payable to St. Charles Parish Hospital and acceptable to the owner in the amount equal to five (5%) of the total amount bid, including all alternates, and payable without condition to the owner as guarantee that the bidder, if awarded the contract, will promptly execute a contract in accordance with his/her proposal and all terms and conditions of the contract documents. A bid bond shall comply with LSA-R.S. 38:2218(B) and 38:2219, as applicable.
The owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids, waive formalities and to reject non-conforming, non-responsive, unbalanced or conditional bids or bids submitted by non-responsible parties pursuant to the law. Bids which deviate from the project plan and specifications will not be considered.
Education Training Center St. Charles Parish Hospital
St. Charles Parish Hospital District #1
1057 Paul Maillard Rd.
Luling, LA 70070
A Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference will be held on 12/19/2023 at 2:00 PM CST located in the Pelican Room, 1057 Paul Maillard Rd., Luling, LA 70070. Walk through of area will follow. Please note that attendees arriving later than 2:05 PM will not be granted admittance to the meeting. Bids received from Contractors who did not attend the mandatory pre-bid conference will not be considered.
Published in the Bids and Proposal Section of the Herald Guide Newspaper on
12/14/23, 12/21/23 and 12/28/23.

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Lakeshore123 on 14-Dec-2023 5:40:47 PM CST
Good Afternoon, May you please advise if this opportunity includes FF&E related items? Thank you
RozasWard on 15-Dec-2023 3:31:44 PM CST
Thank you for the question, it will be answered in a forthcoming addendum.
RHLC18 on 28-Dec-2023 9:04:29 AM CST
What is the brand and model of the existing fire alarm system?
RozasWard on 03-Jan-2024 8:24:43 AM CST
Good morning all, As a heads up, the RFI period will be extended to Friday afternoon and Addenda deadline to Monday to accommodate tomorrow's site access opportunity. This will come out as an addendum later today.
RozasWard on 04-Jan-2024 3:55:21 PM CST
All, as a reminder, please submit any final RFIs in writing by 1:00pm tomorrow. Final addendum will be published Monday morning so be on the lookout for that before finishing bids. As a heads up, this will include adding the replacement of the entire data room ceiling to scope, and clarification that bidders should provide a construction timeline/schedule including expected lead times. Final schedule will be worked out after selecting winning bidder.
RozasWard on 11-Jan-2024 9:22:39 AM CST
Good morning, Bid opening will be at 2:00pm today in the Pelican room-where we have been meeting on this project. Please arrive early as any bids submitted after exactly 2:00 will not be accepted. Reminder that any bids not conforming to front end specs (license number on envelope, bond included, receipt of all 4 addenda acknowledged, etc.) will be rejected.
RozasWard on 12-Jan-2024 9:19:55 AM CST
All, the bid tab has been uploaded. Please let me know if you are unable to access it and I will send via email. Thanks to all for the interest in this project-we are verifying the apparent low bid information and making final determinations.
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08-Jan-2024 12:58:45 PM CST
Uploaded Addendum #4
03-Jan-2024 3:34:20 PM CST
Uploaded Addendum #3
29-Dec-2023 1:08:53 PM CST
Uploaded Addendum #2. Project site will be available to contractors and subs on 1/4/2023 at 1:00pm.
21-Dec-2023 3:57:15 PM CST
Uploaded Addendum #1.
18-Dec-2023 10:46:47 AM CST
Uploaded Pre-Bid Conference agenda and location map.
13-Dec-2023 10:51:41 AM CST
Revised Attachment.