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Greater Lafourche Port Commission
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Sealed Bids for the purchase of a Sport Utility Vehicle will be received by the Greater Lafourche Port Commission located at 16829 East Main Street, Cut Off, LA 70345 until 2:30 p.m. Friday, March 29, 2019, at which time bids will be opened and read aloud.
Bids submitted must be in compliance with the Specifications and on the Bid Form obtained from the Greater Lafourche Port Commission.  Bids must include a copy of the bidder’s valid dealer’s license issued under the provisions of La.R.S. 32:1254.  Only bids submitted by properly licensed dealers will be considered.  Sealed bids must be in sealed envelopes marked “BID – SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE” with name and address of bidder. Bids can be hand delivered, mailed to 16829 East Main St., Cut Off, LA 70345, or submitted online through  If forwarded by express mail (UPS/FedEx), the sealed envelope containing the Bid must be enclosed in another envelope addressed to the Greater Lafourche Port Commission, 16829 East Main St., Cut Off, LA 70345.
The Sport Utility Vehicle shall meet the Specifications which may be examined online at or obtained from the Greater Lafourche Port Commission by calling 985-632-6701.
Wherever in the specifications the name of a certain brand, make, manufacturer, or definite specification is utilized, such is used only to denote the quality standard of product desired and does not restrict bidders to the specific brand, make, manufacturer, or specification named.  Such brand, make, manufacturer, or specification is used only to set forth and convey the general style, type, character, and quality of product desired.  Equivalent products, as determined by the Greater Lafourche Port Commission, will be acceptable.
The Commission reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, in whole or in part, and to waive informalities.
Chett Chiasson, Executive Director
Greater Lafourche Port Commission

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