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City of Vicksburg
Address: City Clerk's Office, 1401 Walnut St. Second Floor, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 39180


Wier Boerner Allin Architecture
Address: 2727 Old Canton Road, Suite 200, Jackson, Mississippi 39216??[____]??

Your firm is invited to submit an offer to Owner for  renovations at  Washington Street Park located at ? the City of Vicksburg? before ?9:00? ?am? local ?standard? time on the ?19th? day of ?December?, ?2022?, They will be publicly opened and read aloud by the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Vicksburg in a Regular Board Meeting at 10:00 a.m. local standard time on the 19th st day of December 2022.
Project Description: The project includes: removal of existing in ground electrical outlets to be replaced with new decorative light poles with integral electrical outlets, upgrading the electrical service at the park  and adding 3 shade structures at the existing stage. Alternate No. 01 provides a decorative structure and LED diqital display and associated power. ??????.
Bid documents are being made available via digital file through Central Bidding. Plan holders are required to register for an account at www.centralbidding.com to view the bid documents. All plan holders are required to have a valid email address for log-in or registration. Bid Documents are non-refundable and must be purchased through the website. Questions regarding website registration, electronic bidding and online orders please contact Central Bidding at 225-810-4814.
Bidders will be required to provide Bid security in the form of a ??Bid Bond of a sum no less than 5 percent of the Bid Amount??.
Refer to other bidding requirements described in Document 00.2113 - Instructions to Bidders and Document 00.3100 - Available Project Information.
Submit your offer on the Bid Form provided.  Bidders may supplement this form as appropriate.
All proposals that are mailed shall be sent to the city clerk at the address below:

Attn: City Clerk's Office, City of Vicksburg Mississippi, 1401 Walnut Street, Vicksburg, MS, 39180. Bidders are cautioned that the City Clerk does not receive the daily U.S. Mail on or before 9:00 a.m.  Bids will be time-stamped upon receipt according to City Clerk's time clock.

Bids may be submitted via mail on the standard form to the City of Vicksburg or may be submitted via digital file via electronic submittal through the Central Bidding, at which time the bid will be logged and must include a Bid bond in the amount of 5% of the bid. The successful bidder will be required to execute the standard form of Contract and Agreement, together with a 100% Performance Bond and a 100% Payment Bond within 10 days after formal award of the contract.
Your offer will be required to be submitted under a condition of irrevocability for a period of ?90? days after submission.
The Owner reserves the right to accept or reject any or all offers.


For City of Vicksburg
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1st advertisement: November 12, 2022
2nd advertisement: November 19, 2022

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29-Nov-2022 10:34:25 AM
ADDENDUM NO. 03 - Adds Allowance to Alternate No 01 to cover the cost of connecting digital display to data rack in remote conditioned space.
15-Nov-2022 09:22:43 AM
Bid Date Changed to December 19th by Addendum No 02
03-Nov-2022 03:04:32 PM
Addendum No 01