Rescue Tool Basic System Specifications for Vernon Parish Fire District
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The equipment specified in this bid must all be designed and warranted for use on the
Hurst JAWS OF LIFE rescue tool systems- no exceptions. All of the tools and other equipment
must be designed and warranted to work with and be interchangeable with the existing Hurst
tools in use by the Fort Polk, DeRidder, and Sandy Hill fire departments. If bidding other than
specified brand, bidders must enclose with their bid two (2) copies of detailed manufacturer's
specifications on the product bid including a complete list of any deviations from the
specifications listed. Standard sales brochures are not acceptable.
All hoses must be labeled for use on Hurst JAWS OF LIFE rescue systems. The hoses
must be non-perforated, electrically non-conductive with a pressure rating of 20,000 psi. and
have a 4: 1 safety factor based on a maximum operating pressure of 5,000 psi. Hoses will be a
twinned designed and bright orange, green, or blue in color for high visibility.
For the safety of tool operators and victims all of the equipment will operate using Hurst
fire resistant, non-conductive, synthetic, non-evaporating synthetic hydraulic fluid.
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Tools and components must be NFPA 1936 compliant and UL listed. Each tool, power unit,
and hose shall have a label denoting compliance. The manufacturer of the hydraulic tools shall
be ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.
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Streamline single line fittings:(p/n: 128RI07, 128RI08)
* All tools and hoses will be equipped with Streamline fittings.
* Fittings must be able to disconnect and connect under pressure.
* Fittings must be able to retro-fit any Hurst tool.
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4 ea. X-TRACTOR-C combination spreader Icutter rescue tool (pIn: 362R482):
* Spreading force (at tips) - 24,279 lbs.
* Cutting force 81,381lbs.
* Pulling force (at shackle holes) - 10,341 lbs.
* Spreading opening distance - 14.1 in.
* Cutter opening - 10.6 in.
* Weight - 40 lbs.
* Length - 30.3 in.
* Operating mechanism must be star grip dead man valve whereby tool stops when pressure is
released. Twist grip or motorcycle type grips are not acceptable.
* Tool must be able to operate from all Hurst 5000 psi power units
Comply:__ Exception: __
4 ea. Streamline adapter sets: (pin: 101R7374)
* Each set to include 1 ea. Streamline 128R108 to 1280008 adapter and 1 ea. Streamline
128R107 to 128008 adapter.
* Sets to allow fast connection of Streamline tools and hoses to standard connectors.
Comp1y:__ Exception: __
4 ea. Hydraulic hose - 30 ft. length: (1 ea. pin: 353R324)
* Kev1ar reinforced, thermoplastic construction. Steel braided hose is not acceptable.
* Electrically non-conductive, non-perforated and meets or exceeds SAE 100R8 standard.
* Hoses must be equipped with Streamline fittings.
* Hose must be labeled and warranted for use on Hurst JAWS OF LIFE rescue tools.
* Hose must have a pressure rating of 20,000 psi.and be twinned design.
* Hose must be bright colored for high visibility.
Comp1y:__ Exception: __
4 ea. model ML-4G Mini-Mate A V power unit: (pin: 363R30l)
* 2.5 hp Honda 4 cycle engine.
* Two stage pump 10,000 psi. pump set to operate tools at a maximum pressure of 5,000 psi. for
long life. Low pressure stage to shift to high pressure at 2,000 psi.
* Unit to have two Streamline fittings to allow fast connection of hoses.
* Unit to have automatic selector valve that shifts between hose lines automatically.
* Dimensions not to exceed 15.3"x12.2"x15.3".
* Weight not to exceed 37 1bs.
* Hydraulic fluid capacity .73 gallons.
* Unit to have open housing (no covering case) for ventilation and to allow unlimited running
time with out overheating.
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Hurst rescue tool warranty and training:
* All tools will have a two-year parts and labor warranty.
* All tools will have tags attached indicating NFP A 1936 compliance.
* All tools will be warranted as RESCUE TOOLS specifically for the purpose for which
they have been designed.
* Factory warranty must be supplied with bid.
* A complete training class will be conducted for the department at their location.
* Training will be provided by a Hurst certified instructor.
* Training to be provided at no charge with refresher class available as needed.
* Training will cover vehicle rescue and extrication techniques, safety procedures, and
operation and care of the tools.
* Training will be eligible for EMT continuing education credit and meet NFPA 1670
* All tools and equipment must be delivered completely set up and operational.
* Repairs and service of equipment will be performed by a Hurst factory authorized service
center on site at the fire department.
* Loaner tools will be supplied at no charge if any tools are removed from service for repairs,
even after the warranty period ends.
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Additional Notes/Requirements
Bids must be honored for 12 months. All exceptions to specifications must be listed and detailed here:
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