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See specifications for RFP and Addendum.  This information was sent in an e-mail earlier today - A question was asked of one of the proposer this afternoon, and since responding to him, I offer the following information, sorry Garland if this contradicts what I sent you earlier, as I had to re-read the documents after I did the word search.  As a matter of information only, and not to be construed as an addendum to the RFP documents, the following information is being provided to those bidders who to my knowledge have received the original RFP documents and the addendum written last week:

On page 14 under Letter H the RFP reads "Cross arms and all attached lights shall be built per wind load ratings for Ouachita Parish, Louisiana."

On page 15 under Letter C the RFP reads "New cross arms and the make-up of the new cross arms, galvanized tubular steel and factory pre-wired."

On the same page 15 under Letter D the RFP reads "If existing cross arms are utilized, they will be re-wired on site by Proposer."   

To the best of my knowledge the old existing lights are not mentioned in the RFP documents, as these are being removed prior to the installation of the new lights. 

Our interpretation of the RFP documents is to have new cross arms installed based on the language of Letter H page 14, with the use of the word "built" and further expounded on page 15 Letter C, with the use of the words "New cross arms".  We further interpret that the existing cross arms would be removed in order to install new cross arms, and only on the condition mentioned on page 15 Letter D would the cross arms be re-purposed, and this is an "If" statement.  

I trust that this clarifies any questions concerning the cross arms, and again, this is being sent for information purposes only and does not in any manner construe that this is an addendum, as the RFP is not being altered to reflect any changes, and the information provided in this e-mail  for the proposers is included in the RFP documents.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

This statement shall also be published for the on-line bidders.

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