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The proposed project includes bid documents for removal and replacement of existing damaged fencing and gates located within the Small Craft Harbor (East and West Sides). The fencing is comprised of both 4’ and 6’ high, vinyl-coated chain-link fencing as well as 6’ high, hot-dipped galvanized chain-link fencing around electrical platforms and waste oil tanks. The repairs will occur along the existing breakwaters, bulkhead walls, wood pier entrances, and the playground area within the west side of the harbor. The work will include removing old baseplates and anchor bolts in existing concrete surfaces and installing new, inclusive of repairing any damaged concrete that occurs resulting from the removal of the existing anchor bolts. Also included is the removal and replacement of an ADA compliant wood handrail at the southwest quadrant of the intersection of South Market Street and U.S. Highway 90. One alternate bid is included that represents the cost difference reflected by substituting the fencing on the East Breakwater wall to metal handrail.

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