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Stretcher Loading Device

Lafourche Ambulance District #1 is accepting bids for a stretcher loading device. Our intentions are to purchase six (6) total devices. The price shall be listed as individual units, with the option to purchase one or more. The price shall be good for 360 days.
All line items listed in specifications shall be checked if your product meets specifications.

Pricing is to include product, extended warranty and shipping. We are a tax exempt organization: pricing should not include any taxes.
Lafourche Ambulance reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids.

Lafourche Ambulance District #1 also reserves the right to accept the bid most advantageous to Lafourche Ambulance District #1.

Bids should be submitted to Lafourche Ambulance District #1 at 17078 West Main St., Cut Off, LA 70345 in a sealed envelope plainly labeled “Sealed Bid” on the outside of the envelope.

Bid related materials are also available on line and electronic bids may also be submitted at .

The bids will be opened on 02/01/2013 at 10:00am at 17078 West Main St, Cut Off, LA 70345. Bids must be received in a sealed envelope prior to 10:00am 02/01/2013.

For any questions or to receive copies of the specifications contact Brady Daigle (985) 632-7192 or .

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Lafourche Ambulance District #1
17078 West Main St
Cut Off, LA 70345

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