East Bank Water Treatment Plant, 1 MGD Filter Addition, Convent, Louisiana Attachment: 8090300-001.tif 
St. James Parish Government
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Work on which Base Bid proposals are invited consist of the construction of a three (3) cell filter unit, including a pile supported concrete structure, high service pumps, blowers, piping, electrical and miscellaneous items of work in connection therewith.

There will be three (3) Additive Alternate Proposals for this project. Alternate No. 1 will be for semi-automation of the filter system using actuator valves; Alternate No. 2 will be for full-automation of the filter system using actuator valves; and Alternate No. 3 will provide a walkway from the new filter system to the existing clarifier.

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Proposal: East Bank WTP 1 MGD Filter Addition
St. James Parish
Convent, LA

St. James Parish
P. O. Box 106
Convent LA

Guy Hopkins Construction Co., Inc.
13855 W. Amber Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

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