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Sealed Bid: 87943930
Listing Information/Advertisement
Notice is hereby given that the Terrebonne Parish School Board will receive sealed bids/quotes at its Purchasing Department, 340 St. Charles Street, Building #3, Houma, Louisiana, until the hour of eleven o’clock am (11:00 AM), July 6, 2021 for Auxiliary Materials, Supplies, Equipment, and Services. Any bid received after the specified time and date will be returned unopened. Bids will be publicly opened and acknowledged on July 6, 2021 at 2:00 PM in the Auxiliary Services Conference Room, 340 St. Charles Street, Building #3, Houma, LA 70360 and reviewed by an evaluation committee at a later date.
Bids/quotes received prior to the time of the scheduled opening will be securely kept unopened.  Bidders are cautioned to allow ample time for the transmittal of bids by mail or otherwise.  Bidders are urged to secure information relative to the probable time of arrival and distribution of mail at the place where the bids are opened.  Failure of the U. S. Mail, of any express carrier, or delivery service to timely deliver the bid(s) shall not be considered due cause for the scheduled time of the bid opening to be extended.
All inquiries must be submitted in writing by June 30, 2021 at 4:00 pm. Specifications and conditions for bidding may also be obtained from the Terrebonne Parish School Board Purchasing Department, 340 St. Charles Street, Building #3, Houma, LA  70360/P. O. Box 5097, Houma, LA 70361, or by emailing
Pursuant to R.S. 38:2212 (E), the Terrebonne Parish School Board has partnered with Central Bidding to distribute bid solicitations, collect responses, and/or allow contractors and vendors the ability to respond through a uniform and secure electronic interactive bidding system. Official bid/RFP documents can be downloaded from Central Bidding at Electronic bids and or RFPs can be submitted at at no charge. Bidders participating in the electronic option need to contact Central Bidding if they have any questions or issues relating to the electronic bidding process at (225) 810-4814. There may be fees for downloading bid specifications that are charged by Central Bidding. Where applicable, and in all construction projects, an electronic bid bond is also required and must be furnished. Failure of the bidder to upload their bid to Central Bidding is not the responsibility of Terrebonne Parish School Board.
The Terrebonne Parish School Board reserves the right to use any state, government, or school contract that was properly let for public bidding as a bid for any item(s) where the prices are lower than or equal to the prices submitted by any or all vendors that are pertaining to the Auxiliary Services Bid.
The Terrebonne Parish School Board accepts no responsibility for contacting any vendor, failure to contact a vendor, or a vendor not receiving information regarding this bid. This bid has been properly advertised and it is the sole responsibility of any or all Vendors to request and submit bids as advertised.
To the extent permitted by applicable state and federal laws and regulations, the Terrebonne Parish School Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids for just cause.
                                                                                   Mr. Gregory Harding, President
                                                                                TERREBONNE PARISH SCHOOL BOARD
Publication Dates:            June 2, 2021, June 16, 2021, and June 30, 2021

The Terrebonne Parish School Board is interested in receiving bids on the following sections:
SECTION   2:    Air Conditioning-New General Supplies
SECTION 17:    Ceiling Tile and Grid Installation Services*
SECTION 21:    Locksmith-Parts and Labor
SECTION 23:    Painting Services
SECTION 26:    Fence Installation Services*
SECTION 27:    Fence Materials and Supplies
SECTION 29:    Aluminum Canopy Supplies
SECTION 39:    Roofing Services*
The sections marked with an asterisk (*) require a contractor’s license.

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