Student Services - Focus on intervention, remediation, and intervention with students with disabilities
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Student Services – Focus on instruction, remediation, and intervention with students with disabilities  
Jones County School District (JCSD) is located in Jones County MS.  11 campuses - 6 elementary, 3 middle/high schools, 1 career and technical center, and 1 alternative school with 1 Central Office for the district.  The district has approximately 8600 students. The overall accountability rating for the school district is a “B”.  Three K-6 schools are identified as Additional Targeted Support and Improvement Schools (ATSI).  One middle/high school is identified as an Additional Targeted Support and Improvement School, and another middle/high school is identified as a Targeted Support and Improvement School (TSI). 
1. Goal and Purpose of RFP:  [Strategic Plan Goal II: Improve Student Achievement through a Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum; Objective A: Implementation of MS College and Career State Standards and High Stakes Assessments; Objective B:  Using data analysis to drive instruction for individual students.]  
The district is requesting proposals/quotes for student services in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics.  The services would include student instruction, remediation, and intervention to support students in grades 3 – high school - focusing on students with disabilities.    
2.  Proposal Requirements and Project Scope for:  North Jones Elementary, South Jones Elementary, West Jones Elementary, South Jones Middle/High School, West Jones Middle/High School, East Jones Elementary, Moselle Elementary, and Glade Elementary. 
3.  Service Specifications and Provisions:
The Jones County School District is requesting quotes for the following: A student tutorial service for students with disabilities.  The service should include the following: 
* Be personalized to identify individual student weaknesses in English Language Arts/Mathematics
* Remediate/tutor students in identified weakest areas
* Be focused and intentional in instruction for students with disabilities
* Provide instruction with plans made by the service company
* Work with teachers, admin, and leaders to provide timely reports and copies of lessons of instruction
* Be onsite to meet with students for face-to-face instruction/remediation
* Develop and submit daily reports to the school administration and district contact after each day of service
4.  Pricing/quotes/specifications: 
These services shall be provided to the Jones County School District during the 2022-2023 school year.  Upon satisfactory evaluation of the provided services, additional services may be extended to the remaining 2023-2024 school term.
It is hopeful that the returned proposals include a sufficient amount of days per grade level to address content-specific standards and assessments specific to each grade level for students in ELA and Math for grades 3-high school.      
5.  Schedule of RFP events are as follows: a. RFP Released  01/13/2023  b. Proposal Due Date:  01/27/2023  c:  Team Selection 01/31/2023  (Tentative)
6.  RFP Submission requirements:  
Email a copy of the RFP response by 01/27/2023  1:00 p.m. to the following address: [email protected] Dr. Missy Bufkin, Director of Federal Programs.  Proposals may also be submitted online at  
All questions, comments and requests for clarifications must be in writing to Missy Bufkin.  The School District reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine appropriate and adequate responses to the written comments, questions and requests for clarification.
7.  Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Contract Award
Applicants must comply with all applicable licensing and certification requirements specific to the proposed services, be registered through the site of, and agree to the terms/agreement and any addendum set forth by the school district’s school board attorney. 
Rubrics with the above stated service specifications will be rated by the district leadership team to determine the awarding vendor.
8.  Contact Information
A paper copy or an email copy of this document, including any addendums, can be obtained by request below:
Dr. Missy Bufkin, Director of Federal Programs
Jones County School District
5204 Hwy 11 North
Ellisville, MS  39437
E-Mail: [email protected]

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