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Sealed Bid: 88060093
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In accordance with the LA Public Bid Law, Stonebridge Neighborhood Improvement and Beautification District (“SNIBD”) seeks sealed bids for the Stonebridge Golf Club Renovations and Improvements Phase I from Contractors with a commercial license for building and construction. Available funding for Phase I renovations is $1,600,000.

Bidding Documents are available at and Printed copies are available at Albert Architecture, 3221 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119 upon deposit of $200.00 per set. Deposits will be refunded, if documents are returned in good condition no later than 10 days after bid deadline.

Bidders must attend the Mandatory Pre-bid Conference on March 30, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. CST at Stonebridge Golf Club, 1500 Stonebridge Drive, Gretna, LA 70056.

Work must be substantially complete within 365 calendar days from Notice to Proceed. Liquidated damages $500.00 per calendar day will be assessed for which any item on the punch list is not complete and close-out requirements are not met.

Bids must be accompanied by security in favor of the SNIBD, equal to at least 5% of the sum of the base bid and alternates, in the form of a certified check, cashier's check or written by a surety company in compliance with La. R.S. 38:2218. Sureties must be signed by the surety's agent or attorney-in-fact and accompanied by an appropriate power of attorney. The successful Bidder must furnish a Performance and Payment Bond complying with La. R.S. 38:2219.

SNIBD may reject any and all bids for just cause. The requirements of La. R.S. 38:2212(A)(1)(b), in this advertisement and on the bid form shall not be considered informalities and shall not be waived. Bidders shall comply with La. R.S. 38:2212(A)(1)(c).

Bids must be received by 2:00 p.m., CST on April 23, 2020 at 1500 Stonebridge Drive, Gretna, LA 70056 or at Please direct questions related to the electronic bidding process to Central Bidding at (225) 810-4814.

Ancil Taylor, Chairman

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