Luling Oxidation Pond Rehabilitation and Upgrades Attachment: Complete Final Bid Set 12.12.19.pdf 
Louisiana > St. Charles Parish Government
Sealed Bid: 90311887
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Project is to make improvements to the Luling Oxidation Pond, to include but not limited to, building headworks, lining a portion of the pond, raising portions of the levee around the pond, etc.

All bids shall be on documents provided in acordance with State law.

The reposts are added due to errors reported by contractor(s) on plans due to possible errors in how pdf are created. This is not affecting the majority of contractors and will not cause an extension of the bid time.

All updates/changes are listed below::
30-Jan-2020 10:58:15 AM
Added Addendum 3
27-Jan-2020 09:08:30 AM
Addition of Addendum #2 to push back the bid opening date
23-Jan-2020 09:14:44 AM
Added Addendum 1 and reposted original plans and specs due to concerns of pdf errors