Dry Goods Bid #205938A
Louisiana > Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office
Solicitation: 90420119
Listing Information/Advertisement:

Commodity:  Dry Goods, Office Supplies, and Janitorial Products
Duration of Contract:  May to October 31, 2018 with one option to renew

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16-May-2018 7:52:02 PM CDT
the price grid and final bid awards are uploaded to the file. thank you for your hard work!
04-May-2018 2:52:59 PM CDT
all bid submissions scanned and posted from dry goods bid opening 5/4/18 at 10:00:00
04-May-2018 2:22:24 PM CDT
list of bids submitted for the dry goods bid #205938A
24-Apr-2018 11:53:14 AM CDT
uploaded complete packet including all specifications