Grants Management and Disaster Recovery Project Management Activities
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Grants Management and Disaster Recovery Project Management Activities
The Ascension Parish Government is seeking professional services to provide assistance and support for grants management and administration and associated disaster recovery project management activities as needed for federal and state programs, including primarily, but not limited to, the Federal Emergency Management Agency Public Assistance Program, Federal Emergency Management Agency Hazard Mitigation Program, HUD Community Development Block Grant Program, and U.S. Department of Transportation programs.  All Proposals must meet 2 CFR 200.  Administrative Requirements for Grants and Cooperative Agreements to State, Local and Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Governments Procurement   §85.36.  Respondents with extensive, specialized, and successful expertise in the FEMA Public Assistance Program will receive higher evaluations in the selection.
Qualifications will be received by Ascension Parish Government at the Ascension Parish Government Purchasing Office, 615 E. Worthey Street, Gonzales, Louisiana 70737 (Mailing address P.O. Box 2392, Gonzales, LA 70707-2392) until 4:00 PM (CST) on Monday, April 13, 2020. Electronic bids are accepted at Central Bidding. Central Bidding can be accessed at “Official” Proposal Documents are available at Central Bidding. For questions related to the electronic bidding process, please call Central Bidding at 225-810-4814.
The Ascension Parish Government shall not be responsible if the bidder cannot complete and submit a bid due to failure or incomplete delivery of the files submitted via the internet.
The scope of services described herein requires the Contractor to develop and implement a recovery plan to restore facilities to their pre-disaster condition.  A primary objective of this Request for Proposals is to ensure that projects within the recovery program are accomplished on time and within budget.  Another objective of this RFP is to maximize eligibility and reimbursement for all aspects of the recovery program.
(1) Assistance and support for program management and direct administrative cost services required to rebuild and repair public facilities damaged in the 2016 floods, FEMA disaster no. 4277 in compliance with all federal and state requirements.
(2) Consulting services to coordinate with Ascension Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness authorized staff to review the existing disaster recovery policies and procedures and provide recommendations to streamline the documentation and reimbursement process. 
(3) Pre-position assistance and support for program management and grant management services for future disasters in compliance with all federal and state requirements.
Provide program management assistance and support for grants management and administration, primarily but not limited to, The Federal Emergency Management Agency Public Assistance Program.
Provide engineering services to undertake detailed damage assessments and repair recommendation, as needed.
Ensure that all eligible damages have been identified, qualified and presented to the Ascension Parish Government, Federal and State agencies. All eligible damages shall be incorporated into FEMA Project Worksheets (PW’s) and grants applications with supporting documentation and proper cost estimates, using the FEMA cost estimating factors (CEF) when necessary.
Provide field inspection services as necessary to ensure compliance to schedule, budget and quality contractual requirements.
Prepare and coordinate the development of PW’s and versions as required with Ascension Parish Government, Federal and State Agencies. This includes project development, formulation, and processing as required for small and large projects.
Advise Ascension Parish Government on FEMA capped projects, and assist in preparing requests to FEMA for improved, alternate projects, and alternate procedures pilot programs, if needed.
Assist Ascension Parish Government in establishing a process to bid, evaluate and contract with building contractors and suppliers for construction services in accordance with procurement instructions and policies provided by Ascension Parish Government.
Review eligibility issues for Ascension Parish Government and develop justifications for presentation to the Federal, State and other agencies in providing disaster recovery funds.
Engage with Ascension Parish Government to obtain all costs and necessary backup documentation to develop, revise and submit PW’s and grants applications to the Federal agencies and State agencies to be approved, obligated and reimbursed.
Provide support to Ascension Parish Government on all relative grant policies, including but not limited to providing the Owner with any changes in policies, procedures, processes or deadlines throughout the financial disaster recovery process.
Providing insurance guidance and supporting insurance claim resolution to maximize reimbursements.
Provide support in engaging FEMA and Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP). Assist the PARISH in obtaining FEMA reimbursement as well as any other federal/state/local capital funding source, including State and Federal Tax Credits. Attend meetings with related State, Federal and other agencies as necessary and provide project information to them as required.
Prepare and conduct the close out process, ensuring maximum recovery and retention of all eligible funding and availability of supporting documents for potential audits.
Advise Ascension Parish Government on overall recovery programs and the recovery process.
Prepare for and respond to inspections and audits for ongoing completed projects.
Other grants management and disaster recovery project management duties as assigned.
Technical Requirements:
Qualifications shall include one or more project team members who shall be a Louisiana licensed engineer. The firm shall be a registered, licensed engineering firm in the State of Louisiana.
Qualifications shall include one or more team members with a minimum of 5 years’ experience, knowledge of and application of federal laws, regulations and policies that govern the FEMA Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Programs. Knowledge of HUD Community Development Block Grants, and application of federal laws, regulation and policies are required.
Qualifications shall demonstrate experience in successful management of flood protection, flood control, and drainage projects.
Qualifications shall demonstrate experience with proactive dispute resolutions and claims avoidance. Qualifications shall determinate experience with all aspects of the FEMA program management process from damage assessments through close out.
The contractor shall serve as a representative of the Owner (ASCENSION PARISH).  The contractor (or any entity of the Program Management team) will not be allowed to perform architectural or engineering design, or construction services (outside the scope of services outlined in the RFQ).
The overall objective is to assist the Parish in managing the implementation of design and construction phases to achieve the objectives of the PARISH Recovery Plan.
The Owner (ASCENSION PARISH) shall determine and designate the services as needed.
All questions regarding this project and the bid package shall be submitted to the Purchasing Department via by 4 p.m. (CST) on April 02, 2020.  Responses will be coordinated with the Project Manager and posted on the by 4 p.m. (CST) on April 6, 2020.
The Parish of Ascension reserves the right to disqualify any Bid, response to a Request for Qualifications, or Requests for Proposals if it is determined that the submitting business entity is not in good standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State or is not authorized to do business in the State of Louisiana.
Ascension Parish Government reserves the right to reject any and all proposals for just cause.
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