2020-006PR JOYNER STORAGE BUILDING Attachment: 2020-006PR  City of Tupelo- Joyner Storage Building_ Construction Documents (1).pdf 
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Sealed Bid: 90676765
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Bids will be received by the City of Tupelo until 10:00am on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, for:
The City of Tupelo
Joyner Storage Building
Tupelo, Mississippi
Bid Number 2020-006PR
DDS Project Number 2019115
BID SUBMISSION: Sealed bids will be received until the date and time shown above in
the Tax Office (ATTN: Traci Dillard), City Hall, 1st Floor, 71 East Troy Street, Tupelo,
Mississippi 38804. Bidders may submit an electronic bid in lieu of a sealed bid until the
date and time shown above at www.centralbidding.com (electronic bids are not required
but are an option and may be submitted only via the Central Bidding website); any
questions regarding electronic bid submission should be directed to Central Bidding at
(225) 810-4814.

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