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English Learner Consultant Services: Kindergarten-12th Grade Forest Municipal School District is requesting proposals for English Learner Consultant Services for K-12th Grade. The vendor will be responsible for providing English Learner support and professional development to K-12th grade teachers and English Learner tutorial staff to specifically address language acquisition and English Language Proficiency standards. The consultant will be responsible for collaborating with FMSD staff to develop resources and instructional strategies, review English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) data, provide pacing guides, resources, and assessments for EL classes, and provide professional development for K-12th grade teachers and English Learner tutorial staff. In addition to these services, the FMSD is requesting that the proposal include two parental involvement sessions along with parental involvement resources that are designed around the following two topics: effective parent and child communication and at-home preparation for ELPT.

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