27-21 Classroom Books
Louisiana > Ouachita Parish School Board
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16-Mar-2021 05:19:02 PM
See addendum four added to this bid.
10-Mar-2021 06:20:03 PM
There are now three addenda with this bid. Bidder is responsible to make sure that all correct documents are received by the time of the bid opening. While we understand there have been changes made to the bidding documents the responsibility remains with the bidder to ensure that all of the correct documents are returned. Due to the bid being changed within 72 hours of the bid opening, bid is required to be moved back not less than seven (7) working days.
05-Mar-2021 01:14:58 PM
A second addenda has been added to this bid.
03-Mar-2021 04:34:25 PM
See Addendum One added to this bid. The addendum must be returned along with all other required documents.