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The base bid for this project includes the reconstruction and realignment of Taxiway F between Taxiway B and Taxiway L, construction of a connector taxilane to extend Taxilane A, and reconstruction of a portion of Taxiway J.  The project also includes an additive alternate to realign and reconstruct Taxiway L.  Specific elements of work for this project include, but are not limited to: full depth pavement removal; concrete and asphalt pavement construction; installation of airfield pavement markings; removal and installation of airfield lighting and signage; relocation of existing ASR, ILS and RVR cables, including installation of a new ASR/NAVAIDs duct bank; installation of drainage infrastructure and a new outfall; grading; and site restoration. 

The project construction site is located on an active airfield; therefore, construction will be performed in accordance with safety and security requirements of Lafayette Regional Airport, the FAA, and the construction documents. In addition, construction for Taxiway J is required within a runway safety area. In order to mitigate the impact of construction on normal Airport operations, construction activities which require runway closure will be completed as night time work.  

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