Ruston Junior High School Toilet Modifications, Ruston High School New Auditorium Ceiling & Dubach School Toilet Modifications Attachment: SpecBinder.pdf 
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The Work consists of the renovation of existing toilet rooms and one locker room at the Ruston Junior High School, and the replacement of an existing ceiling system in the Auditorium at Ruston High School, both located in Ruston, Louisiana.  Also included in the work is a renovation of existing toilet room and the renovation of a mechanical room to a toilet room at Dubach School, located in Dubach, Louisiana.

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A Pre-Bid Conference will be held at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, April 19, 2017, at the front entrance of Ruston Junior High School, 481 Tarbutton Road, Ruston, Louisiana. School Telephone (318) 251-1601. Representatives from the OWNER and ARCHITECT will be present to discuss the Project. Bidders are encouraged to attend and participate in the conference.
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