Bid #2382 (Re-Bid) Prescott Road Substation Breaker 1 2.4kV to 7.2kV Conversion and Reconductor
Louisiana > City of Alexandria
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The City of Alexandria, Louisiana, herein referred to as the Owner, proposes to reconductor approximately 2.0 miles of overhead electric line and install 0.2 miles of new vee phase overhead line. The lines being reconductored will also be converted from 2.4kV to 7.2kV. This scope consists of the reconductoring of approximately 7,751 feet of three phase without a neutral to vee phase with a neutral, and approximately 3,204 feet of three phase without a neutral to three-phase with a neutral. All the lines will be reconductored using #2 AL 6/1 ACSR conductor for both the phases and neutral. This scope also includes the retirement of 86 existing poles and the installation of 88 new poles. All the new and retired poles will be limited to 40-foot and 45-foot poles. There will also be retirements and installations of approximately 106 2.4kV to 7.2kV transformers. Service connections to all new and existing installations are also included in this scope of work.

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