Lakewood Elementary School Building A Renovation Attachment: 15-018 Lakewood Elementary Building A Renovations 2015-10-28 CD SET stamped.pdf 
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Renovate interior spaces of 26,756 square feet of classroom space and corridors.  Projectg includes demolition of movable partitions and other partition types, flooring, ceiling and lighting.  Also includes duct work demolition in same area. Also includes tack boards, marker boards, provisions for Promethean boards, and other technology upgrades.
New classroom configurations, flooring walls, ceilings and HVAC.
Alternate #1: Add new main corridor and lobby ceramic tile flooring and rubber base; undercut doors as necessary to swing free.
Alternate #2: Provide individual HVAC controls in each new classroom using VAV boxes as an added price.

Additional Notes/Requirements
A $50,000.00 Relocation of Infrastructure is to be included in the base bid to cover unforeseen conditions.
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