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St. James Parish Government
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The St. James Parish Council will be accepting sealed bids for a comprehensive HVAC Direct Digital Control System at the Vacherie Library, until 10:00 a.m., on Tuesday, July 6, 2010, in the Office of the Parish President, Convent Courthouse, Convent, La., at which time and place all bids received will be publicly opened and read aloud. Any bid received after the announced closing time will be returned unopened.

All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope bearing the Bidder's name, address, and State Contractor’s license number and must be addressed on the outside as follows:

PROJECT BID: Vacherie Library Energy Efficiency Retrofitting Project
St. James Parish Government
P. O. Box 106
5800 Highway 44
Convent, LA 70723

Bid proposals must be submitted on the Louisiana Uniform Public Works Bid Form furnished with the contract document. Bid sheets will be issued only to contractors and/or subcontractors licensed in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 37:2150 through 2173 of the Louisiana Legislature. Contractors desiring to bid shall submit to the Parish evidence that they are qualified to perform the required work. Unlicensed contractors must note on the bid envelop that their bid is being submitted under R.S. 37:21257, Paragraph (A)(6) of the Louisiana’s Contractor’s Law.

In addition to sealed paper bids received and opened, bid documents will be posted on To view these, download, and receive bid notices by e-mail, you will have to register with Central Auction House (CAH). Contractors will have the option to submit their bids and bid bonds electronically or by paper copy. Any questions about this process, contact Ted Fleming with Central Auction House at (866) 570-9620.

Project Description: The proposed project is to provide a comprehensive HVAC Direct Digital Control System with continual internet monitoring and a regular maintenance program. The control system must be designed to provide equipment energy efficiency and reduce utility and repair costs. The project consists of the installation of a monitoring system and equipment controls at the existing Vacherie Library, located at 2593 LA Highway 20, Vacherie, LA 70090.

All products must be American made and comply with the requirements of the LA Department of Natural Resources, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program and the American Recovery and Reinvestments Act of 2009. Funds are made possible through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the EECBG Program administered by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.

Specifications and proposal forms are on file in the Office of the President, 5800 Highway 44, Convent, Louisiana 70723, and may be obtained by prospective bidders upon request.

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