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Sealed bids will be received by the St. Landry Parish Government, up to the hour of 3:30 p.m. CDST at 118 South Court Street, Suite 133, Opelousas, Louisiana 70570 on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 and then publicly opened and read, for ST. LANDRY PARISH DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS, AREA 1 FOR ST. LANDRY PARISH GOVERNMENT, consisting of replacing existing cross drain pipes with new drainage culverts of increased capacity in the present locations throughout the parish as set forth in the Bid Documents prepared by Aucoin & Associates, Inc. dated August 2013.

Bid Documents may be seen and examined at the St. Landry Parish Government, Opelousas, Louisiana, or at the office of Aucoin & Associates, Inc., Consulting Engineers, Eunice, Louisiana. Copies of Bid Documents may be obtained from the office of Aucoin & Associates, 433 North CC Duson Street, Eunice, Louisiana 70535, upon deposit of $100.00 for each set of documents. Deposits on the first set of documents furnished to bona fide PRIME BIDDERS, fully licensed by the Louisiana State Licensing Board of Contractors, will be fully refunded upon the return of the documents in good condition, no later than ten (10) days after receipt of bids. On other sets of documents furnished to said prime bidders, the payment of $100.00 shall constitute the cost of reproduction and handling and WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. Please find bid related materials and place electronic bids at

Bids shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed to Bill Fontenot, President, St. Landry Parish Government, and plainly marked on the outside, "Bid for St. Landry Parish Drainage Improvements.

The project is receiving construction grant assistance from the Louisiana Division of Administration, Disaster Recovery Unit, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.

The Attention of Bidders is called particularly to the requirements for conditions of employment to be observed and minimum wage rates to be paid under the Contract, Section 3, Segregated Facilities, Section 109, Executive Order 11246, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and all applicable laws and regulations of the Federal government and State of Louisiana and bonding and insurance requirements.

All contractors and subcontractors will be required to comply with the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Davis-Bacon Act pertaining to the minimum wage rates, the Anti-Kickback Act, the Contract Work Hours Standards Act, the Local Public Works Payroll Evaluation Program and take all necessary affirmative steps to assure that minority firms, women’s business enterprises, and labor surplus area firms are used when possible.

All contractors and subcontractors will be required to certify that they do not and will not maintain or provide for their employees any facilities that are segregated on a basis of race, color, creed, or national origin.

Minority, female-owned and Section 3 firms are encouraged to submit bids.

No bidder may withdraw his/her bid within forty-five (45) days after the actual date of the opening thereof.

Any person with disabilities requiring special accommodations must contact the Owner no later than seven (7) days prior to bid opening.

In particular, bidders should note the required attachments and certifications to be executed and submitted with the bid proposal.

The Contractor shall obtain, maintain during the life of the project and provide to the Owner copies of the following bonds and policies which shall be obtained from surety companies which appear on the U.S. Treasury Circular 570, licensed to do business in the State of Louisiana, in the amounts and for the purpose stated and subject to the Owner's approval:

1. BID BOND: A “Bid Guarantee” equivalent to 5% of the bid price consisting of a firm commitment, such as a bid bond, certified check, cashier's check, money order or other negotiable instrument, shall accompany each bid as assurance that the bidder will, upon acceptance of his bid, execute such contractual documents as may be required and within the time specified.

2. PERFORMANCE BOND: A performance bond of not less than 100% of the contract price shall be executed to assure the Contractor's faithful performance of the contract.

3. PAYMENT BOND: A payment bond of not less than 100% of the contract price shall be executed to assure payment as required by law of all persons supplying labor and material in the performance of the work provided by the contract.

The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids for just cause; such actions will be in accordance with Title 38 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

Thus done and signed at Opelousas, Louisiana, this 5th day of August , 2013.

Bill Fontenot

Attest: Jessie Bellard
Director of Administration

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