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Notice is hereby given that the Greater Lafourche Port Commission (GLPC) is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFPs) from Louisiana licensed professional engineering firms licensed to do business in Louisiana at the time of submittal of the Proposal and having qualifications, demonstrated experience and expertise for providing a multi-discipline team capable of performing the Scope of Work outlined in the RFP.  Ideally, the Prime Consultant and sub-consultant firms providing design services should have demonstrated experience in moveable bridges and highways.
Prime Consultants shall follow the instructions stipulated in the RFP in order to respond with a valid Proposal for evaluation by the GLPC. The recommendation for award will be based upon the Prime Consultant/Team with the highest quality-based evaluation using criteria provided in the RFP.  Award of a professional services contract will be authorized by the GLPC. Other professional services, in addition to design engineering, are also required as indicated in the RFP.
The RFP and its attachments can be obtained by contacting Serena Bruce at 985-632-1108 or at serenab@portfourchon.com, or online at www.centralauctionhouse.com.
The Project involves the design of a new vertical lift span bridge over Bayou Lafourche in Galliano, LA and a new connector road from La Hwy. 3235 to LA 1. The new vertical lift bridge will consist of three lanes of traffic and the new connector road will consist of two lanes of traffic, extending approximately 2,000 linear feet. The east bridge approaches will connect to the existing LA 308 and Airport Road.
The RFP contains the Project’s description and work to be performed, scoring methodology for evaluations, grading criteria to be used by the GLPC, required procedure for submission of a responsive Proposal, qualification requirements and contact information for submitting questions and requesting additional information. Price is not a factor in evaluating the Proposals in accordance with LA R.S. 38.2318.1 (Hammett Act).
The RFP also includes the 2018 BUILD Grant Application Narrative (Narrative) submitted to the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) that has awarded the GLPC partial funding of the Project’s construction costs.  Selected appendices to the Narrative that were also submitted to USDOT are provided as attachments to the RFP, as well.
Proposals must adhere to the submission requirements stated in the RFP. Sealed submittals labeled “Port Fourchon to Airport Connector” will be received by the Greater Lafourche Port Commission at their Administration Office located at 16829 East Main Street, Cut Off, Louisiana, 70345 no later than 2:00 p.m. local time on Friday, June 28, 2019. Each Proposal shall only have clear concise information relative to this RFP.  Each Proposal will be evaluated.  This is not a public call for bids; therefore, there shall be no public opening of Proposals.  All materials provided to the GLPC shall become property of GLPC and will not be returned.
The GLPC reserves the right to reject any and all submittals deemed non-responsive and may award a contract in the best interest of the GLPC.
The GLPC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and strongly encourages all firms meeting the RFP requirements to submit a response via a Prime Consultant. Persons requiring reasonable accommodations to respond to this solicitation may contact Ms. Serena Bruce to discuss particular needs. 

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