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Grass Cutting at Parish Owned Properties
Sealed bids will be received by the Pointe Coupee Parish Government at 160 East Main Street, Courthouse Annex Building, New Roads, Louisiana until 2:30 p.m. Monday, March 25, 2019 and publicly opened and read for grass cutting at Parish owned properties.

Bids to be submitted in sealed envelope marked BID – “GRASS CUTTING AT PARISH OWNED PROPERTIES”

For a list of current properties, bidding information, or anyone interested in viewing the properties contact Director of Administration, Mark Ward at 225-638-9556 or

Electronic bids are accepted at Central Bidding and can be accessed at For questions related to the electronic bidding process, please contact Central Bidding at 225-810-4814.


SCOPE OF WORKThe area where work is required includes 25 Parish owned and maintained properties. These specifications provide for the maintenance and mowing of existing turf areas Parish owned and maintained properties. Bidder must provide per cut prices for both high and low season maintenance.
Mowing frequency varies with most sites being every other week. Bidder should include a copy of the ground owner operator license, commercial applicator license, and proof of no less than $1 million dollars and workers compensation insurance with bid.
This is not an all inclusive list and may be amended.
The period of this contract shall be from April – December 2019.


Upon each visit, all turf areas shall be mowed to an appropriate height of  2 to 3 inches (2”-3”) based upon weather conditions and season. All litter, trash, and debris shall be collected prior to mowing, so as to avoid cutting and/or spreading such matter.
All driveways, parking areas, and turf edges shall be cleanly edged by mechanical means at each mowing. The use of chemicals to perform edging is expressly forbidden under this contract. Contract shall chemically treat weeds coming up through and around the concrete at all Parish owned/ maintained locations.
All fence lines within the ROW shall be kept clean, trimmed and weed free. 


All cutting locations shall be left neat, clean and free of clippings, debris, litter and trash. Contractor shall not blow or otherwise direct grass clippings or trimmings into roadways, parking lots, or other vehicular use areas.
The Contractor shall keep all paved areas free of trash, litter, debris, mud and silt.
The Contractor shall not obstruct nor hinder the free flow of traffic while performing the duties of this contract. Any required obstruction must be done only with the prior approval of the DPW Director’s Office.
All work described in the “Scope of Work” is to be prorated and included in the high and low maintenance monthly costs.
Contractor is responsible for general clean-up after storms but will not be held responsible beyond normal clean-up due to damages caused by major hurricanes or other natural disasters. 


Contractors will bid on all listed Parish owned/maintained locations in Pointe Coupee Parish or regionally aligned properties based on northern and southern region. The contract will be awarded on the basis of low total for maintenance at all listed parish owned/maintained properties.
The Pointe Coupee Parish Government reserves the right to consider and/or reject any and all bids.
Pointe Coupee Parish Government is an equal opportunity provider, and employer.
Required Equipment:

Minimum equipment: two (2) Mowers, one (1) push mower, weed eater, blower, sprayer, fuel
Proof of no less than $1 million general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.
Bidder should include a copy of the ground owner operator license and commercial applicator license 


All vendors are to comply with the DOTD Safety Regulations when working on state highways and can refer to the DOTD website ( to review a full listing of specific safety requirements.
This service does not expose general public to the hazards of grass cutting and it shall be a requirement that all equipment and operator safety guidelines are followed, and proper signage is utilized to advise and protect public and operators. 

The Pointe Coupee Parish Government reserves the right to consider and/or reject any and all bids.

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