Bid# 20-21 Purchase & Removal Surplus Portable Buildings
Louisiana > Lafayette Parish School System
Sealed Bid: 97649728
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Notice is hereby given that sealed bids (one original) will be received by the Lafayette Parish School System
Purchasing Department, located at 113 Chaplin Drive, Lafayette, Louisiana. Delivery to any other department
other than the Purchasing Department is unacceptable and may result in non-consideration of the bid. Bids
will be received until 10:00 a.m., CST on July 14, 2020 for the following project as described in the Bidding
Documents and listed on the Bid Form:

BID #20-21


Acadian Middle School, 4201 Moss St., Lafayette, LA
Katherine Drexel Elementary School, 409 St. DePorres St., Broussard, LA
Evangeline Elementary School, 610 E. Butcher Switch Rd., Lafayette, LA
Ridge Elementary School, 2901 S. Fieldspan Rd., Duson, LA
Woodvale Elementary School, 100 Leon Drive, Lafayette, LA

It is further understood and agreed that the work under this contract shall be completed within 90 consecutive
calendar days of the date specified in the Contract or a Notice to Proceed, subject to reimbursement to the
owner of liquidated damages in the amount of (Fifty) dollars ($50) per consecutive calendar day if not
completed within the time allowed.
Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at the above stated time and date in the Purchasing Conference
Room of the Lafayette Parish School System Central Office Building.
Complete Bidding Documents for this project are available in electronic form and may be obtained without
charge and without deposit from the Lafayette Parish School System, Purchasing Dept., Mr. Lee Francis or 337-521-7329.
Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check or cashier’s check in the amount of 10% of the bid price
for the bid submitted payable to the Lafayette Parish School System. Money Orders will not be accepted. The
deposit of the bidder awarded the bid will be non-refundable, and other deposits of bidders not awarded the bid
will be refunded.
Appointments must be made to request to view the buildings – school campuses are closed at this time and an
LPSS employee must be present to escort any potential bidders.
The owner reserved the right to reject any and all bids for just cause.

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