3 New Modular Classroom Buildings
Louisiana > Washington Parish School Board
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Bids are to be submitted on the bid form furnished by the school system. All bids must be firm prices, free of escalator clauses.

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Bids will be opened at 2:00 p.m. (CST), Wednesday, December 9, 2009 in the office of the Washington Parish School System, 800 Main Street, Franklinton, LA 70438
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QuickBuildings on 13-Nov-2009 02:27:46 PM
What wind speed do you require?
MSpace on 16-Nov-2009 02:27:41 PM
Q&A 1. Specification (.doc) references Aluminum Ramp/Entries have attached specifications. These are not included in the online packages. 2. Who is responsible for the site utilities? 3. Who is responsible for the building permits? 4. Do you have site plans available? 5. Are these buildings to be set on grade or do you require poured foundations? 6. Is the fire alarm & voice data systems the responsibility of the bidder? 7. Is bonding required for this project? 8. The project will be greater than $50k, please verify that you require licensed LA General Conractors only for this project per law. 9. Specifications do not state finishes, do you have any preferences?
wpsbdalonzo on 19-Nov-2009 04:47:54 PM
Wind speed - 120 mph 1. Must use attached ramp specs. 2. Bidder is responsible for site utilities (electrical only). 3. WPSB is responsible for building permits. 4. No, we do not have site plans available. 5. Buildings ae to be set on grade. 6. WPSB will be responsible for fire alarm and voice data systems. 7. Yes, bonding is required. 8. No, licensed LA General Contractors not required. 9. Siding color is to match existing portables.
MSpace on 23-Nov-2009 04:19:02 PM
The Contractor shall certify that he is licensed under the provisions of LA R.S. 37:2150 through 37:2173 for work over $50,000. Contractor shall also have a Louisiana Retailer License under the Louisiana Industrialized Building Act. Can you please post photos of the existing portables you would like to match?
QuickBuildings on 30-Nov-2009 11:28:13 AM
1. Where can we obtain the steps/ramps specifications? 2. Do we contact each school for the required site visit prior to bidding or do you plan to have all bidders meet for a pre bid site visit? 3. What is the expected finished floor height from grade?
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Bid Attachments M Space Holdings, LLC =SEALED= 08-Dec-2009 05:26:17 PM
M Space his happy to supply you with the uploaded bid. An original copy
has been oveighted FEDEX #793081591476

*Specifications submitted by M Space in response to RFP included hardi-panel as this in our opinion is a superior product to the existing buildings exterior siding. However, our base price includes matching, existing .019 aluminum exterior siding should you choose to continue with the same siding product.

Please contact me with any questions you may have @ 832-496-7879 (Chris)
Delivery: 30 Days
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