St Charles Parish Waterworks - WB B Plant Filter Upgrade Attachment: bid documents.pdf 
St. Charles Parish Government
Sealed Bid: 99121540
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The work consists of installing a new filter under drain system, and filter media at the West Bank B Water Plant.

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Gottfried on 10-May-2012 09:59:55 AM
Please advise. The specifications doesn't say we can use Central Bidding to submit our proposal.
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Bid Attachments Gottfried Contracting 0.0000 09-Dec-2011 09:22:33 AM
Gottfried Contracting, LLC
Six Meyers Road
Covington, La. 70435
Louisiana State Contractor's License # 48909

Sealed Bid For: WB B Plant Filter Upgrade, St. Charles Parish Louisiana
EES Project Number - 1104
St. Charles Parish Number-WWKS 68
To Be Delivered By: Friday, December 9, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

Deliver To:
St. Charles Parish Council
Parish of St. Charles, Louisiana
15045 River Road
Court House Building
Hahnville, Louisiana 70057
Delivery: 0 Days
Bid Attachments Guy Hopkins Construction CO., Inc. 0.0000 09-Dec-2011 09:47:06 AM
Sealed Bid

Bid To:
St. Charles Parish Council
Parish of St. Charles
Court House Building
15045 River Road
Hahnville, La 70057

Bid on
WB B Plant Filter Upgrade
Project No WWKS 68

Bid of:
Guy Hopkins Construction Co., Inc.
13855 West Amber Ave
Baton Rouge, La. 70809

La. Contractor’s License No: 18310

Ph: 225-751-2158
Fax: 225-751-2159
Delivery: 0 Days
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