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Instructions to Bidders:
“Bid on Band Uniforms, March 31, 2011”

The St. Charles Parish School Board will receive sealed bids until 11:00 a.m., March
31, 2011, in accordance with the following instructions and attached specifications.

1. Bids shall be submitted on the attached bid form. Any bid on any item shall include
a unit price and a total price. If there is any discrepancy between the unit price and the
total price extension, the unit price shall be considered binding and the total price will be
adjusted accordingly.

2. All bids shall be either hand delivered or sent by registered or certified mail with
a return receipt requested to the St. Charles Parish School Board Office, 13855 River Road,
Luling, Louisiana 70070, in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside, “BID ON
BAND UNIFORMS March 31, 2011.” Bids will also be accepted electronically via our
website, under “Quick Links,” select “Online Bids, RFP’s, etc.”
All bids arriving after the stated date and time will be returned unopened to the bidder(s).
No bid may be withdrawn for at least forty-five (45) days after the scheduled closing time
for the receipt of bids.

3. Prices shall include delivery charges to Destrehan High School, 1 Wildcat Lane,
Destrehan, Louisiana 70047. Prices are to be good for a period of (1) one year beginning
April 1, 2011, and ending April 2, 2012. Sales tax IS NOT to be included in your bid

4. Bidders must bid on the entire list of items.


6. A Performance Bond in the total amount of the order(s) will be required from the
successful bidder(s) if the amount purchased exceeds $1,000.00.

7. Model numbers, catalog cuts, descriptive literature and detailed specifications on all
items MUST be included as part of your bid if bidding items other than specified. Failure
to submit any of the above may be sole cause for rejection of bid on that particular item.
Bidders may be required to submit samples on specific items if bidding other than
specified. All samples shall be delivered to the St. Charles Parish School Board Office,
13855 River Road, Luling, Louisiana, 70070 WITHIN THREE DAYS OF
NOTIFICATION. Samples shall be labeled as to the name brand, manufacturer, and
bidder. Samples must be picked up within 10 days of notification or samples will become
the property of St. Charles Parish Public Schools. Failure to submit samples may be sole
cause for rejection of bid on that particular item.

8. All bidders must submit a sample uniform together with their proposals. The
sample submitted must show basic construction, style and fabric. Any differences must be
listed and explained on the Deviation Form enclosed for your convenience. Where special
construction features are specified, these must be furnished with a bid showing the
manufacturer’s version of the feature. All major items being proposed must have a sample
presented for comparison.

9. All bidders must submit liberal sized swatches of the materials to be used in the
final product in the color and mill-weight as listed in the Uniform Specifications.

10. Bidder must agree to provide a factory-trained representative to handle all details
of the order. Said representative will be responsible for designing, measuring and
servicing the order throughout the initial purchase and on a continuing basis. Bidders
must list name, address and telephone number of the representative in their response.

11. The successful bidder will supply a booklet containing a printout showing each
uniform in sequence from smallest size to largest. The printout will indicate wearer
identification number, original wearer and key measurements of uniform, i.e. height,
weight, hat, chest, waist and outseam. The successful bidder will also supply
recommended dry cleaning instructions for the uniforms and all accessory items;
specifying precise details on care and cleaning that are to be utilized in future upkeep and
maintenance of the items in this bid.

12. Each uniform is to be thoroughly inspected before shipment. Imperfections shall be
corrected before the uniforms are shipped. Uniforms are to be shipped complete with
hangers (plastic) in containers. Each wardrobe container shall be marked on exterior to
indicate the wearer number of each uniform enclosed. The uniforms will be ready to wear
without cleaning or pressing. In the case of damaged shipment, it shall be the
responsibility of the receiver to make an appropriate written notice when signing the
carrier documents. The receiver shall inventory the damage and advise the uniform
manufacturer in detail. Accessories such as sashes, drops, etc., as well as trousers, will be
bulk packed unless otherwise specified.

13. Dacron/Wool blend fabrics must be cold water and alcohol sponged, decated and
inspected. The Certification of Proof of Sponging provided with this proposal should be
completed and returned with your bid. Since this process is critical in the avoidance of
excessive shrinkage, failure to submit this certification in writing will be cause for
disqualification of the bidder.
Mill and Mill-Weight are listed in the Uniform Specifications with required shades. When
specified, this refers to Premium Quality 100% all wool fine wale whipcord:

1. Having been specially treated with the exclusive double dyeing process
using CHROME BOTTOM DYES, applied in the most effective manner
known, insuring color consistency in lot after lot.

2. London cold-water sponged and live steam shrunk, meeting United States
Standard Shrinkage Specifications of not more than 1%.

3. Treated with water-repellent finish by the immersion method, thus
imparting water repellency by yielding to not less than a 100-spray rating,
and insuring additional resistance to wear by abrasion. Spraying treatment
not acceptable.

4. Treated with nationally known and recognized process insuring COMPLETE
GUARANTEE against moth or silverfish damage. This process must be
applied by the immersion method and no spray-on treatments will be

14. Mill, Mill-Weight and specific shades are found in the Uniform Specifications. This
material, when specified, refers to material containing 55% Dacron Polyester and 45%
Wool. As with all woolen materials, this will be first quality with no flaws or
imperfections allowed. This material must be finished with S.E.T. or Zepel scientifically
engineered Crease Retention and Stain Resistant treatments, thus protecting the material
against both oil and water-based stains, as well as assuring the best possible crease
retention. The material is to be permanently moth-proofed and guaranteed in the same
manner as the all-wool material above. Water repellency to be insured by proper

15. Specific shades are found in the Uniform Specifications and as with all-wool and
Dacron wool materials, will be first quality with no flaws or imperfections. The material
is, by its nature, a water and stain repellent fabric, thus eliminating the need for a special
treatment. Because there is no wool content, moth-proofing this fabric is not necessary.

16. All bidders are to submit, along with their bids, a certificate stating that the fabrics
used in the manufacture of the uniforms will be exact materials called for in the
specifications and will be FIRST QUALITY. This certificate must be signed by an official
of the Company. Bidders not furnishing this certificate will be disqualified.

17. Preference, in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 38:2251, will be given to
Louisiana products, materials, supplies or equipment. As a bidder you MUST indicate on
your bid response that the product for which you are claiming this preference meets the
criteria of a Louisiana product.

18. It is the intent of the specifications to invite bids on high quality merchandise.
Mentioning a brand, manufacturer, and number is done only to establish the standard of
quality desired. It is not the intent to eliminate brands of equal quality but instead to set
forth and convey to prospective bidders the general style, type, character, and quality of
the product desired.

19. The School Board reserves the right to select a higher priced item where, in the
judgment of the School Board, such item is of superior quality or designs or would be
more suitable for the purpose intended. The School Board further reserves the right to
reject any and all bids, adjust quantities by increasing or decreasing and to waive all

20. The School Board reserves the right to buy any of the bid items from State Contract
if those prices are more favorable.

Rick Treuting
Administrator of Student Services and the Arts

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