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SOQ 22-031 - Actuarial and Consulting Services
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Listing Information/Advertisement
SOQ NO. 22-031

Actuarial and Consulting Services

The Parish of Jefferson, authorized by Resolution No. 139779, is hereby soliciting the submittal of a Statement of Qualifications (General Professional Services Questionnaire) from qualified firms desiring to provide the Parish with actuarial and consulting services for Jefferson Parish, Jefferson Parish Hospital Service District 1 and Jefferson Parish Hospital Service District 2. (Parishwide)
DEADLINE FOR SUBSMISSIONS: 3:30 p.m., July 7, 2022
The Parish of Jefferson has been self-insured for general liability, automobile liability and workers’ compensation exposures since January 1, 1989.  Prior to retaining these exposures, the parish maintained various primary policies.  Since January 1, 1989 until present, the parish maintained various excess insurance policies.  The parish has full data on our RMIS system concerning loss developments and triangulation data. 
All Services are to be carried out under the direction of the Director of Risk Management, and the Insurance Advisory and Coordination Committee, or their designated representative(s).  The Firm shall represent and remain committed to acting in the best interest at all times on behalf of the Parish of Jefferson as its Actuarial Consultant and shall provide The Parish of Jefferson with his/her proposed actuarial and risk financing advice on the matters listed below or those usually implied as a prerequisite for performance of the services whether or not specifically mentioned in this Scope of Services:
  1. The parish’s total liability as of December 31 each year for all self-insured losses incurred but not paid.
  1. The amount of funding required to pay self-insured claims cost that are projected to come due by December 31 each year.
  1. The amount of funding required to pay self-insured claims cost (for all years) that are projected to be incurred for the fiscal year January 1, through December 31.
  1. The self-insured losses incurred for each fiscal year beginning January 1, 1989.
  1. The potential for actual losses to vary from the actuarial estimates.
  1. The adequacy of current funding levels and the amount of funds escrowed to pay current claims.
  1. The efficiency and effectiveness of the parish’s current system and procedures in claims reporting, data collection and data management.
  1. The amounts and methods of recognizing general liability (including public official errors and omissions) automobile liability and workers’ compensation liabilities in conformance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) rule 10.
  1. An evaluation of the parish’s overall management of current risk financing techniques and recommendations for improvement.
  1. An evaluation of insurance policies upon request.
  1. Conducting insurance marketplace investigations upon request.
  1. Updating and verifying building and contents replacement cost values for insurance purposes
  1. Providing building inspections, order of magnitudes and scoped estimates for insurance purposes.
  1. Any other matters which may be pertinent to Jefferson Parish’s self-insured and fully insured programs including cost and efficiency of litigation processes.

Minimum Requirements for Selection

  1. The selected consultant will be a firm with at least two employees who are fellows of the American Academy of Actuaries.
  1. The proposal shall include identification of personnel to be involved in the project, including their professional qualifications and experience.  It shall also include a description of the firm’s local (Jefferson and surrounding parishes) presence, including local offices, personnel, clients, etc. and the firm’s most recent Financial Statement.
  1. A list of five to eight clients for whom similar projects have been performed.  Please indicate whether the personnel involved in the Parish of Jefferson’s evaluation have had a major role in providing these professional services.
  1. A re-statement of the scope of work to be performed, including your understanding of the tests required by the parish and any additional related capabilities of your firm.
  1. Explain how your work will lay foundation for actuarial audits in the future, whether by your firm or another.
  1. Give an indication of the materials that will be needed by the actuary, include any informational requirements for the parish that are necessary to complete the study.
Evaluation Criteria
The following criteria shall be used to evaluate each firm submitting a Statement of Qualifications: 
  1. Specific experience- similar or larger scope of services currently being provided (Maximum points awarded shall be 35).
  1. Personnel- Size of firm considering the number of professional and support personnel, experience of management staff, experience in similar projects, etc. (Maximum points shall be 20).
  1. Scope of services – (Maximum points shall be 20).
  1. Location of the principal office where work will be performed.  Preference shall be given to persons or firms with a principal business office at which the work will be performed as follows:  (1)  Jefferson Parish, including municipalities located within Jefferson Parish (15 points); (2)  Neighboring Parishes of the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Region, which includes Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. Tammany (12 Points); (3)  Parishes other than the foregoing (10 Points); (4)  Outside the State of Louisiana (6 Points) (Maximum points awarded shall be 15).
  1. Adversarial legal proceedings between the Parish and the person or firm performing professional services, in which the Parish prevailed or any ongoing adversarial legal proceedings between the Parish and the person of firm performing professional services, excluding those instances or cases where the person or firm was added as an indispensable party, or where the person or firm participated in or assisted the public entity in prosecution of its claim.  In the event that the person or firm fails to provide accurate and detailed information regarding legal proceedings with the Parish, including the absence of legal proceedings, the person or firm shall be deemed unresponsive with regard to this category, and zero (0) points shall be awarded (Maximum points awarded shall be 10 for the lack of any such adversarial proceedings as defined).
The submitting individuals or firms must identify all subcontractors who would assist in providing professional services for the project. Each subcontractor shall submit a General Professional Services Questionnaire and all documents and information included in the questionnaire.  (Refer to Jefferson Parish Code Ordinance, Section 2-928).
All firms (including sub-consultants) must submit a Statement of Qualifications (Genal Professional Services Questionnaire) by the deadline.  Please obtain the most current General Professional Services Questionnaire, by contacting the Purchasing Department by telephone at (504) 364-2678 or via the Jefferson Parish website at by clicking on “Business & Development”, and then clicking on “Professional Services Questionnaire”.
Submissions will only be accepted electronically via the Parish’s e-Procurement system, Central Bidding.  Central Bidding can be accessed by visiting either or  Registration is required and free for Jefferson Parish vendors by accessing the following link:
No SOQ submittals will be accepted after the deadline.
Affidavits are not required to be submitted with the Statement of Qualifications, but shall be submitted prior to contract approval, including any sub-contractors.
Disputes/protests relating to the decisions by the evaluation committee or by the Jefferson Parish Council shall be brought before the 24th Judicial District Court.
ADV: The New Orleans Advocate: June 15, 2022

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MOVALLE on 27-Jun-2022 02:53:08 PM
Question: In the Statement of Qualifications, Page 2 of 3, Minimum Requirement #1 states that a firm must have at least 2 Fellows of the American Academy of Actuaries (AAA). Actuaries are Members (MAAA), not Fellows, of the AAA. You can be a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (FCAS). Can you clarify the credentials the actuaries who will work on the project need to have. Would actuaries who have the credentials of an Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society (ACAS) and are MAAAs acceptable. Answer: The Firm should have 2 members of the American Academy of Actuaries. They can be either fellows or associates of the Casualty Actuarial Society.
MOVALLE on 27-Jun-2022 03:03:18 PM
QUESTION: The minimum requirements specify “The selected consultant will be a firm with at least two employees who are fellows of the American Academy of Actuaries.” Our firm, for business reason elects to have actuaries as independent subcontractors. Would it be acceptable to use this arrangement? ANSWER: There is a preference for actuaries to be employed but subcontractors will be accepted as long as all forms and subcontractor requirements are met.
MOVALLE on 27-Jun-2022 03:20:21 PM
QUESTION: Is this a single-year contract, or is there an option for renewal? ANSWER: This will be for a 2 year agreement with an option to renew.
MOVALLE on 27-Jun-2022 03:34:25 PM
QUESTION: Will you share the Evaluation Sheet and perform a debriefing if requested at the end of the process? ANSWER: An evaluation committee meeting is conducted and opened to the public. The public meeting notice will be posted under the “Events” section of our website at
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