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SOQ 23-037-Provide Professional Traffic Engineering Services for a period of two (2) years
Louisiana > Jefferson Parish Government
SOQ: 19059301


Bid Law Requirement Update: Act 406
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Listing Information/Advertisement:

SOQ 23-037
Traffic Engineering Services
            The Parish of Jefferson, authorized by Resolution No.143314, is hereby soliciting a Statement of Qualifications (TEC Professional Services Questionnaire) from persons or firms interested in providing Professional Traffic Engineering Services for the Department of Public Works on an as-needed basis for a period of two (2) years with maximum allowable fees of $500,000.00 per year.
Deadline for Submissions: 3:30 p.m., January 25, 2024
The firms submitting a Statement of Qualifications (Jefferson Parish Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) Questionnaire) must identify all sub-consultant firms which they expect to use to provide professional services, and submit a Statement of Qualifications (Jefferson Parish TEC Questionnaire) for each sub-consultant firm.  (Refer to Jefferson Parish Code Ordinance, Section 2-928).
With regard to the questionnaire, Principal means the sole proprietor of the firm, or one who shares an ownership interest with other persons in the firm, including but not limited to, a partner in a partnership, a shareholder in a corporation, or a member of a limited liability corporation.
The cost of these traffic engineering services will be negotiated by the Jefferson Parish Department of Engineering.  As determined by the Engineering Department, services will be paid for on a lump sum fee basis or on the basis of the person or firm’s certified and itemized salary costs plus a fee to cover overhead cost and profit in accordance with guidelines established in Attachment “A” to the Standard Professional Services Agreement for Jefferson Parish.  Copy of Attachment “A” may be obtained by calling the Jefferson Parish Engineering Department at (504) 736-6505.
Minimum Requirements for Selection
One principal who is a professional civil engineer who shall be registered as such in Louisiana
A professional in charge of the project who is a professional civil engineer who shall be registered as such in Louisiana with a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in the disciplines involved
One employee who is a professional civil engineer registered as such in Louisiana in the field or fields of expertise required for the project (A sub-consultant may meet the requirement only if the advertised project involves more than one discipline.) 
Evaluation Criteria
The following criteria will be used to evaluate the statement of the firms submitting:
1)  Professional training and experience in relation to the type of work required for the traffic engineering services - 35 points.
2) Size of firm, considering the number of professional and support personnel required to perform traffic engineering tasks, including project evaluation, project design, drafting of technical plans, development of technical specifications, and construction administration – 10 points.
3) Capacity for timely completion of newly assigned work, considering the factors of type of engineering task, current unfinished workload, and person or firm’s available professional and support personnel - 20 points.
4) Past Performance by person or firm on projects of similar or comparable size, scope, and scale - 10 points  (Assertions of fault by a person or firm, which shall include time delays, cost over-runs, and or design inadequacies in prior work completed for the Parish shall be evidenced by substantiating documentation provided by the Director of Public Works for the requesting department or the Director of Engineering and received by the Chairman of the Evaluation Committee a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled date of the Technical Evaluation Committee Meeting.).
5) Location of the principal office - 15 points (Preference shall be given to persons or firms as follows: (A) Jefferson Parish, including municipalities located within Jefferson Parish (15 Points); (B) Neighboring Parishes of the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Region, which includes Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles and St. Tammany Parishes (12 Points); (C) Parishes other than the foregoing (10 Points); (D) Outside the State of Louisiana (6 Points)).
6) Adversarial legal proceedings between the Parish and the person or firm performing professional services, in which the Parish prevailed or any ongoing adversarial legal proceedings between the Parish and the person or firm performing professional services, excluding those instances or cases where the person or firm was added as an indispensable party, or where the person or firm participated in or assisted the public entity in prosecution of its claim - 15 points  (In the event that the person or firm fails to provide accurate and detailed information regarding legal proceedings with the Parish, including the absence of legal proceedings, the person or firm shall be deemed unresponsive with regard to this category, and zero (0) points shall be awarded.).
7) Prior successful completion of projects of the type and nature of the traffic engineering services, as defined, for which firm has provided verifiable references - 15 points.
The maximum cumulative fee that can be charged for all work on this contract shall not exceed $500,000 per year unless increased by contract amendment approved by the Jefferson Parish Council. There is no limit to the number of assignments that can be awarded to a person or firm.
Each firm’s lowest and highest score shall be dropped and not count towards the firm’s score.  Only those persons or firms receiving an overall cumulative score of at least seventy (70) percent or greater, of the total possible points for all categories to be assigned by the participating technical evaluation committee members shall be deemed qualified to perform professional traffic engineering services tasks.
The person or firm submitting a Statement of Qualification (TEC Professional Services Questionnaire) must identify all subcontractors who will assist in providing professional services for the project, in the professional services questionnaire. Each subcontractor shall be required to submit a (TEC Professional Services Questionnaire) and all documents and information included in the questionnaire.  (Refer to Jefferson Parish Code Ordinance, Section 2-928)
All persons or firms (including subcontractors) must submit a Statement of Qualifications ((TEC Professional Services Questionnaire) by the deadline. The latest professional services questionnaire may be obtained by contacting the Purchasing Department at (504) 364-2678 or via the Jefferson Parish website at  This questionnaire can be accessed by hovering over “Business and Development” on the website and clicking on the Professional Services Questionnaires option under “Doing Business in Jefferson Parish”.
Submissions will only be accepted electronically via Jefferson Parish’s e-Procurement site, Central Bidding at or  Registration is required and free for Jefferson Parish vendors by accessing the following link:
No submittals will be accepted after the deadline.
Affidavits are not required to be submitted with the Statement of Qualifications, but shall be submitted prior to contract approval.
Disputes/protests relating to the decisions by the evaluation committee or by the Jefferson Parish Council shall be brought before the 24th Judicial Court.
ADV: The New Orleans Advocate:  January 10, 17, & 24, 2024

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SFOLSE on 19-Jan-2024 2:15:02 PM CST
QUESTION/INQUIRY:Can you please let me know if there is a scope associated with this SOQ? I want to be sure that the types of projects that will be required are represented on the TEC Questionnaire. It doesn’t list the types of projects or whether data collection would be required. The only minimum requirements listed are the 3 personnel ANSWER:The SOQ packet includes all that is needed. The minimum requirements are listed.The types of work is included in the “Size of firm” evaluation criteria. It is not explicitly listed, but the contracts may be used for traffic counting.
All updates/changes are listed below::
Username Bid Amount Type Company name Bid Amount Bid Placed
For entire project All South Consulting Engineers, LLC =SEALED= 23-Jan-2024 10:21:51 AM CST
All South Consulting Engineers, LLC
Statement of Qualifications to Provide Traffic Engineering Services for a Two Year Period
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Horizon Engineering, LLC =SEALED= 24-Jan-2024 7:42:39 PM CST
SOQ 23-037: Statement of Qualifications for Professional Traffic Engineering Services (Resolution No. 143314)
Horizon Engineering, LLC
January 25, 2024

Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Volkert, Inc =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 7:59:40 AM CST

Dear Members of the Selection Committee,
Volkert, Inc. is honored to present our qualifications for the provision of professional traffic engineering services for Jefferson Parish. We appreciate the opportunity to submit our credentials for your review and eagerly anticipate the prospect of furthering our collaborative partnership with the Parish.
Thank you for considering our submission. We remain at your disposal for any additional information or clarification you may require.

Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Vectura Consulting Services, LLC =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 8:37:01 AM CST
SOQ No. 23-037 Provide Professional Traffic Engineering Services for a period of two (2) years
Submitted by Vectura Consulting Services, LLC
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project G.E.C., Inc. =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 9:02:44 AM CST
Resolution No. 143314
Submitted by:
G.E.C., Inc.
3501 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 210
Metairie, Louisiana 70002
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Neel-Schaffer, Inc. =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 9:12:05 AM CST
Statement of Qualifications 23-037
Resolution No. 143314
Traffic Engineering Services
Neel-Schaffer, Inc.

Jefferson Parish Purchasing Department
General Government Building
200 Derbigny Street, Suite 4400
Gretna, LA 70053
Purchasing Specialist II Name: Shanna Folse
Purchasing Specialist II Email: [email protected]
Purchasing Specialist II Phone: (504)-364-2680
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Svaapta Group LLC =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 9:57:47 AM CST
SOQ No. 23–037: Provide Professional Traffic Engineering Services for a period of two (2) years
Jefferson Parish Purchasing Department
General Government Building
200 Derbigny Street, Suite 4400
Gretna, LA 70053
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project WSP USA, Inc. =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 10:32:10 AM CST
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Linfield, Hunter & Junius, Inc. =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 11:41:43 AM CST
Linfield, Hunter & Junius, Inc.
Statement of Qualifications
Traffic Engineering Services
SOQ 23-037
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Arcadis U.S., Inc. =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 12:20:37 PM CST
SOQ 23-037 - Provide Professional Traffic Engineering Services for a period of two years.  Proposal Submittal

Arcadis U.S., Inc.
3850 N Causeway Blvd
Suite 990
Metairie, LA 70002
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Pivotal Engineering, LLC =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 12:39:45 PM CST
Pivotal Engineering, LLC
3925 N. I-10 SERVICE ROAD W., SUITE 109R

Jefferson Parish Purchasing Department
General Government Building
200 Derbigny Street, Suite 400
Gretna, LA 70053

SOQ 23-037 Provide Professional Traffic Engineering Services for a period of 2 years 
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Gresham Smith =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 1:09:26 PM CST
Per the instructions in Central Bidding, submissions will only be accepted electronically.
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Digital Engineering =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 2:24:20 PM CST
SOQ No. 23–037
Resolution No.143314
Traffic Engineering Services

Digital Engineering & Imaging, Inc.
527 W. Esplanade Avenue, Suite 200
Kenner, LA 70065

January 25, 2024, 3:30PM
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Design Engineering, Inc. =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 2:36:15 PM CST
Delivery: 0 Days
For entire project Quality Engineering & Surveying =SEALED= 25-Jan-2024 3:27:20 PM CST
For: Jefferson Parish Government - SOQ No. 23-037 - Provide Professional Traffic Engineering Services for a period of two (2) years

From: Quality Engineering & Surveying, LLC
Delivery: 0 Days
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