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1.      The Interactive LED Panel must have a minimum of a 75" diagonal display.
2.     The Interactive LED Panel must come with a secure locking wall mount bracket to be used when affixing to the wall.
3.     A power adjustable locking wall mount option is required as an option.
4.     Interactive LED Panel must come with the option for a mobile floor stand. It is desirable to have an adjustable mobile floor stand.
5.     Must have a four (4) year onsite warranty.
6.     Interactive LED Panel must operate with finger touch and pen writing devices.
7.     Interactive LED Panel must have a minimum of twenty (20) -Point Multi-Touch for multiple users to annotate on the screen at one time.
8.     Interactive LED Panel must have a minimum of 3840x2160 HD resolution.
9.     Interactive Technology and writing implement should have full mouse capability, i.e., left and right click, drag and drop, etc.
10.   Interactive LED Panel has to connect to computers and accessories with a minimum of three (3) HDMI connections, one (1) VGA connection, two (2) USB connections, one (1) LAN Network RJ45, one (1) Stereo Analog Audio Input required.
11.    Connectivity should be wireless and controlled by HP EliteBook PC.
12.   Include built in  casting or streaming to provide wireless connectivity to the panel.  This should include touch capabilities.
13.   Interactive LED Panel should have integrated speakers with a 10-Watt and 8ohm minimum.
14.   Interactive LED Panel must be PC and MAC compatible.
15.   Interactive LED Panel must have anti-glare and 7H scratch resistant glass.
16.   It is desirable to have the Interactive LED Panel to have the capabilities to zoom in and out.
17.   Interactive LED Panel must have a minimum of 2mm accuracy and 10 ms response time.
18.   Interactive LED Panel must have basic whiteboard functions that are accessible without connecting any external device.
19.   The vendor shall have necessary personnel to respond to warranty service calls within the required service level agreements (SLA) for the duration of the warranty service agreement period.
20.  SMART Technologies interactive classroom suite of software or comparable software package must be included.
21.   Describe any additional accessories or devices available for use with Interactive LED Panel.
1.      Pearl River County Schools requires installation of all interactive technologies acquired through this RFP.
2.     Installation it to be completed during non-instructional hours.
3.     Installation includes mounting of all hardware and installation and verification of any interactive software.
4.     If cabling is required, conduit for all cables must be 1 to 3-inch diameter, with elbows and end caps. For safety purposes all wires for fixed assets should be completely covered by conduit.
5.     All technologies must be provided to provide wireless connectivity to the Interactive technology with the controlling workstation up to 50 ft. away.
6.     Installation is to include removal of all packing materials and debris.
7.     Vendor personnel working in PRC facilities shall be bonded and insured by the vendor.
8.     The vendor shall provide all labor, materials, tools (ladders, carts, etc.) and equipment required for the delivery, setup, and installation of equipment and accessories. Vendors are never to stand on or utilize PRC school furniture or property during installation.
9.     If Interactive LED Panel is installed in a classroom with a pre-existing ceiling-mounted projector, the vendor must uninstall the mounted projector and transport it to designated location.
10.   Any damage done to PRC property by the vendor’s personnel and/or subcontractors shall be repaired or replaced at no cost to PRC
11.    If any components are found to have major component defects, it is the vendor’s responsibility to provide a new replacement unit during the installation.
12.   All vendor employees shall wear photo ID badges or clothing identifying the name of the company at all times while working on an PRC site.
13.   Vendors may not park vehicles or equipment in such a manner that would block school personnel or bus access points.
14.   Vendor shall be responsible for repairing or replacing, to the satisfaction of Pearl River County Schools, any damage caused by any willful or negligent act of its employees. The vendor is also liable for any theft proven to be either committed by its employees or made possible by willful or negligent action of its employees. PRC reserves the right to remove vendor from site based on the severity of the acts committed by the vendor’s staff.
15.   Guns, knives or any other recognized weapons or any tools or instruments intended for use, as weapons are not allowed on any Pearl River County Schools’ property.
16.   Smoking is prohibited at all PRC sites (inside and outside). In addition, smoking is prohibited in vehicles operating or parked on PRC sites.
17.   Possession and/or use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs are prohibited on PRC property.


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