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RFP: 37909492


Bid Law Requirement Update: Act 406
Vendors will be required to submit certain documentation with RFP submission, i.e. affidavits, proof of insurance, etc. These requirements will be outlined specifically in the instructions of each RFP package. Vendors should continue to carefully read and respond accordingly per the requirements of the RFP packages. These changes are pursuant Louisiana Public Bid Law more specifically, Act 406 of the 2016 Louisiana Legislative Regular Session. For the purposes of this communication, this change applies to Jefferson Parish Government bid solicitations only. For more information, please call Jefferson Parish Purchasing at 504-364-2678.

Electronic Bond Submission May Be Required
If the RFP documents require a surety, vendors submitting responses to Jefferson Parish through this site must submit an electronic bond through the respective online clearinghouse bond management system(s). You may click the link below to use:

RFP Submittal Formats:

While this site accepts various file types, sizes and quantities, the preferred method for delivering all of the appropriate and required RFP documents is one single scanned PDF file. Vendors submitting a RFP with multiple uploaded images/photos of bid responses are solely responsible for clarity. If uploaded images/documents are not legible, the vendors submission will be rejected. Please note all requirements in this SUBMITTAL package for electronic RFP submission.



Listing Information/Advertisement:

 RFP 0457
Jefferson Parish Department of Purchasing is soliciting Request for Proposals (RFPs) from qualified firms to provide Software and Implementation Services for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Systems Environment for the Jefferson Parish Departments of Finance and Electronic Information Systems (EIS)
This project is to take advantage of the newest technology and harness efficiencies by reviewing business processes and implementing technology to enhance existing business processes performed by Parish departments. The Parish is planning to replace its current software systems environment with a new system or combination of software systems, and to adopt systems functionality to support core processes. In doing so, the Parish seeks to address several challenges in the current environment, and gain future efficiencies.
All proposals will be evaluated on criteria such as vendor’s technical proposal, qualifications and experience, financial profile and proposal responsiveness and other criteria more specifically defined in the RFP document.  The maximum total points for each proposal are set at 100 points
A pre-proposal conference will be held at 9:00 AM on April 4, 2023 in the East Bank Council Chambers, 1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., 2nd Floor, Jefferson, LA  70123. Perspective Proposers that are interested in participating in the Pre-Proposal Vendor Teleconference shall contact BerryDunn in writing ([email protected]) to request the teleconference information.
The format of the Pre-Proposal Vendor Teleconference will be an overview presentation of the RFP, its contents, the RFP Schedule of Events, and additional topics. Following the presentation, Perspective Proposers will be able to ask questions related to the RFP or the overall process. The Parish will attempt to answer all questions at that time, but answers provided shall not be binding. Following the Pre-Proposal Vendor Teleconference, the Parish will post online the material questions asked in writing and their respective answers in an addendum. Prospective Proposers may participate in the conference to obtain clarification of the requirements of the RFP and to receive answers to relevant questions thereto. Any Prospective Proposer intending to submit a proposal is encouraged to attend and should have at least one authorized representative attend the pre-proposal Conference.
RFP specifications may be obtained by visiting the Jefferson Parish Purchasing Department webpage at and selecting the LaPAC Tab. RFPs may also be viewed and submitted online free of charge at: or
Submissions will only be accepted electronically via the Parish’s e-Procurement system, Central Bidding. Responses will be received until 3:30 P.M. on April 28, 2023.  All vendors will be required to register with Central Bidding.
The Jefferson Parish Council reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals, in whole or part, pursuant to the law.  Jefferson Parish and its partners as the recipients of federal funds are fully committed to awarding a contract(s) to firm(s) that will provide high quality services and that are dedicated to diversity and to containing costs.  Thus, Jefferson Parish strongly encourages the involvement of minority and/or woman-owned business enterprises (DBE’s, including MBE’s, WBE’s and SBE’s) to stimulate participation in procurement and assistance programs.
                 Renny Simno                                            Misty A. Camardelle
                    Director                                                   Assistant Director
         Purchasing Department                                   Purchasing Department
ADV: The New Orleans Advocate: March 15, 22 and 29, 2023

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pdmatikw on 28-Mar-2023 10:07:14 AM CDT
Will the Parish be answering questions as they are posted on this site or will all questions and related answers be accumulated and published after the deadline to ask questions? If the answer is after the deadline to ask questions, will follow-up questions to answers be allowed? Frequently answers to questions create new questions. Is this the purpose of the three- day inquiry period mentioned on page 13 of the RFP?
pdmatikw on 28-Mar-2023 10:19:46 AM CDT
We note on page 28 that “Proposers are encouraged to establish partnership relationships to fully provide all requirements defined by the RFP”. We are excited that the Parish is open to such an approach. Further in that section (on page 29) the RFP says “Each Proposer engaged in the partnership shall respond to any and all applicable portions of this RFP that relate to the work that will be performed, or the capabilities provided. For example, each Proposer shall provide references, and each Proposer shall respond to the Company Background and History questions.” Our question is: Does the Parish require that each Proposer engaged in a partnership submit six (6) references (as defined in the Tab 11 - References section of Attachment A)? Or just that each Proposer engaged in a partnership provide references (without stipulating a number) and the combined partnership must submit at least six (6) references?
pdmatikw on 28-Mar-2023 10:25:31 AM CDT
On page 7 of the RFP it says: “Proposers are encouraged to check the general information board in the General Government Building located at 200 Derbigny St., Gretna and the Joseph S. Yenni Building located at 1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Jefferson.” For Proposers who are not regularly physically in Jefferson Parish will the information posted on the general information board also be posed on the Parish’s website? If so, where?
pdmatikw on 28-Mar-2023 10:30:35 AM CDT
4. Please clarify the submittal explained on page 12 of the RFP: “PDF files are preferred for the Technical Proposal (Inclusive of Attachments A, B, Certificate of Insurance, RFP Affidavit, and any Exhibits/Attachments) as well as Attachment C2 (Cost Narrative).” Is this saying that the Technical Proposal and the Cost Narrative should be PDFs or is it saying that the Cost Narrative should be part of the Technical Proposal or both?
NWHITNEY on 30-Mar-2023 8:18:05 AM CDT
All questions have been forwarded to the respective members of the RFP. Once answers are received an addendum will be posted.
Kent7546 on 04-Apr-2023 9:27:45 AM CDT
1. The RFP states that the Parish administrator shall negotiate the terms of the contract (see RFP Section 1.29). Despite this, the RFP also states that by submitting a proposal a Proposer is agreeing to all RFP terms and conditions and the Parish’s standard terms and conditions (See RFP Section 1.2 and Section 1.20). Will the Parish remove or amend this language to allow Proposers to respond to the RFP without forfeiting their ability to negotiate the terms of a mutually satisfactory agreement if selected? Will a Proposer be disqualified if it takes any exceptions or seeks to negotiate the terms/content of the final agreement if awarded? 2. RFP Section 1.29 states that “contract negotiations will be limited by Section 1.22(B) Non-negotiable Contract Terms in this RFP.” However, Section 1.22 does not provide a complete list of those terms the Parish considers to be “non-negotiable.” (See 1.22 which states “Non-negotiable contract terms include but are not limited to . . . .”). Can the Parish identify all the terms they consider to be non-negotiable? 3. If selected, will the Parish be amenable to editing the contents of “non-negotiable terms” to fully align within the context of a final, mutually satisfactory agreement for cloud services? 4. Does the Parish have any bargaining units
AmpliFund on 06-Apr-2023 1:59:09 PM CDT
Can you please provide Jefferson Parish’s number of unique grant sub-recipient organizations?
AmpliFund on 06-Apr-2023 1:59:28 PM CDT
The RFP mentions that the solution will collect all applicable financial, grant, and performance data. Can Jefferson Parish provide more context for the specifics of the data they are looking to capture specifically for grants?
AmpliFund on 06-Apr-2023 1:59:56 PM CDT
Are the grant types mentioned in the RFP, or are they looking to grant other dollars to recipients within the community? If yes, how are these recipients granted awarded dollars? Via direct allocation or a competitive process?
AmpliFund on 06-Apr-2023 2:00:12 PM CDT
Is Jefferson Parish looking for the automated creation of organizational reports like the SEFA or federal reports like the SF-425? Or both types?
AmpliFund on 06-Apr-2023 2:00:35 PM CDT
When Jefferson Parish discusses financial reporting, are there specific requirements attached to indirect cost rate, costs, and in-kind matching?
AmpliFund on 06-Apr-2023 2:00:56 PM CDT
Given the new requirements within the Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG), are there specific formats required for category objectives and subjective performance data?
AmpliFund on 06-Apr-2023 2:01:25 PM CDT
How important is it that the system drives compliance with the UGG as a requirement of general federal funds, ARPA, and IIJA? Specifically, in the areas of standardizing process around recipient awarding, monitoring, and reporting?
AmpliFund on 06-Apr-2023 2:02:55 PM CDT
Can you please provide the Jefferson Parish’s average annual grant revenue?
AmpliFund on 06-Apr-2023 2:03:10 PM CDT
Please provide a list of systems currently housing on-going/historical grant information and for each please provide the data schemas and approximate number of records to be extracted, transformed, and loaded into the system.
Kent7546 on 07-Apr-2023 9:27:08 AM CDT
Does the Parrish want up to 5 years of history on open POs?
canamtechnologies on 10-Apr-2023 11:20:38 AM CDT
Does the Parish prefer to have (1) a centralized cashiering process where all payments (A/R, UB, MyPermitNow, Etc.) are made through one software with real-time, bi-directional integration back to other software or (2) decentralized where each department/software records their own payments and updates the Financial system?? If the Parish would like to move to a centralized cashiering approach, can you list the applications that you would like the cashiering application to take payments for.?
canamtechnologies on 10-Apr-2023 11:20:52 AM CDT
Could the Parish provide us with the total number of users, including supervisors, that would be accessing just the new Cashiering/POS module?? This would be based on receiving payments for the Financial A/R system, miscellaneous payments and any users associated with the answer above.? Read-Only users and daily departmental revenue submitters are no charge.?
canamtechnologies on 10-Apr-2023 11:21:09 AM CDT
Can the Parish list the current POS equipment and model you would like the Cashiering solution to integrate with or would the Parish like additional POS equipment to be included in the RFP response (receipt printers, scanners, cash drawers, check imaging/MICR devices, encrypted credit card swipe and EMV/chip/tap-to-pay devices).??
canamtechnologies on 10-Apr-2023 11:21:35 AM CDT
What credit processors is the Parish currently using other than PayStar??
canamtechnologies on 10-Apr-2023 11:21:47 AM CDT
Does the Parish currently have a customer online payments portal?? Would the Parish like the new cashiering solution to become the Parish’s Customer Payment Portal?? If so, what applications would the Parish like to take online payments for???
canamtechnologies on 10-Apr-2023 11:21:59 AM CDT
Would the Parish like the cashiering solution to create an Image Cash Letter (ICL) containing check images for deposit, and send it to your bank?? If so, what bank?
canamtechnologies on 10-Apr-2023 11:22:13 AM CDT
Does the Parish have a multi-check scanning process in place for recording checks and invoices in batch?? If not, should this be included in the response?? What is the annual volume that the Parish would scan using this process??
canamtechnologies on 10-Apr-2023 11:22:26 AM CDT
Does the Parish have scenarios where different departments/agencies need to submit end of day receipt summary information?? If so, would the Parish like to automate that???
brendanoriinfor on 10-Apr-2023 12:17:36 PM CDT
How does the parish creates its ACFR and online Budget Book documents today? What system?
brendanoriinfor on 10-Apr-2023 12:20:39 PM CDT
Will vendors be offered the opportunity to demonstrate its own Utility Billing solution if it has one? I see that it is not in current scope, but may be part of a future assessment.
brendanoriinfor on 10-Apr-2023 12:22:21 PM CDT
What is the Parish's expectation for Kronos - replace or interface? If a vendor can include as part of integrated solution (including advanced scheduling), should the vendor plan to demonstrate and include in its pricing estimate?
brendanoriinfor on 10-Apr-2023 12:23:26 PM CDT
What is the Parish's expectation for Selerix - replace or interface? If a vendor can include as part of integrated solution, should the vendor plan to demonstrate and include in its pricing estimate?
brendanoriinfor on 10-Apr-2023 12:25:57 PM CDT
Does the Parish have interest in seeing advanced financial governance and risk controls that complement the ERP?
brendanoriinfor on 10-Apr-2023 1:34:19 PM CDT
Can you provide examples of the reports that are being referred to in BD.215? The system has the ability to generate budget report templates that conform to State-mandated requirements
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:09:52 PM CDT
1. Have you defined your vision, guiding principles, strategic goals and/or success metrics that can be used to prioritize design and implementation decisions and frame user experience goals? If so, can you share?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:10:26 PM CDT
Have you identified bottlenecks and pain points you want to change for your operational areas? Will you be creating future state process flow diagrams?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:10:47 PM CDT
Please describe changes you plan to make to your Service Delivery Model concurrent with this implementation. Have the roles and responsibilities for your HR, Financials, and IT resources been defined?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:11:04 PM CDT
Organizational Change & Training services – do you have an existing team planning to cover the necessary communications and training for this effort?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:12:04 PM CDT
Foundational: How many active Legal Entities/FEINs do you have?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:12:16 PM CDT
Foundational: How many pay groups do you have?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:12:31 PM CDT
Foundational: Per your RFP you have one (1) Bargaining unit for Fire. Please confirm the number of Unions and Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA’s) you have?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:12:52 PM CDT
If you have unions, how many do you have and are you planning to track Union membership in your new ERP system?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:13:02 PM CDT
If you have collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), how many do you have and do you offer Union Benefits, or track Time worked or deduct Union membership dues in Payroll?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:13:16 PM CDT
Do you have workers with Multiple Jobs with different pay rates?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:13:32 PM CDT
Describe your service delivery model and any unique custom security needs. Do you have needs to restrict security for certain groups (example: HR cannot see others in HR or executives).
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:13:54 PM CDT
Will you be using the new ERP system to help determine a worker's Affordable Care Act (ACA) benefit eligibility?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:14:09 PM CDT
How many unique benefit groups are anticipated? (e.g., grouping of workers for benefits eligibility)
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:14:20 PM CDT
How many Time Off Plans do you have?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:14:28 PM CDT
How many Leave of Absence Plans do you have?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:14:39 PM CDT
Will all permanent and part-time workers capture their time in the new ERP system?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:14:52 PM CDT
In your RFP you list 188 time clocks to be used for your workers, (as a future item). Will you use the new ERP’s web based time entry system to capture all time or will you use a 3rd party time clock tool? If a 3rd party is to be used is it Kronos or other vendor– please identify.
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:15:03 PM CDT
How many 10 Time Calculations & more than 10 Time Entry Codes?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:15:12 PM CDT
Do you have more than 150 total Earning & Deductions codes?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:15:34 PM CDT
Please confirm you do not have Confidential Job Requestions?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:15:51 PM CDT
Number of pay frequencies?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:16:05 PM CDT
Will you be outsourcing tax filing, check printing or garnishments
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:16:15 PM CDT
In your RFP you mention a need to send/receive data from Outlook Office – is this for the purpose of Calendar Scheduling Integration?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:16:38 PM CDT
How many Inventory Locations do you have?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:16:46 PM CDT
How many Cost Centers do you have?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:16:56 PM CDT
Do you track projects at a granular level, for instance, to the phase and/or task?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:17:12 PM CDT
Fleet Management: Is listed in scope in your RFP. Please confirm that your expectation is to continue using your current 3rd party Fleet Management/Maintenance tools, CFA Fleet?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:17:51 PM CDT
Per your RFP, Employee Record retention is required by state law. Is the assumption you require all active and terminated employee records to be loaded into your new ERP system, (dating back to the year, 1967), is that correct? Describe the type of information that needs to be retained, dating back to 1967 and what you would need to do with it.
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:18:17 PM CDT
7. Deployment Timeline: Please confirm our understanding of the following potential new ERP system deployment timeframes based on the RFP: a. Phased: i. FINs deployment: Start: Oct 2023; Go-Live Oct 2024 ii. HCM/PAY deployment: Start: November 2024; Go Live mid-March 2025, so your first Payroll in your new ERP system will be April 2025. 1. Is there a system retirement or system contract end date that is driving the HCM/Payroll deployment of April 2025?
MaggieAcosta on 10-Apr-2023 2:18:40 PM CDT
Are you open to considering other suggested deployment timelines such as, Big Bang (i.e., All scope delivered in one phase, for example)?
parcantim on 10-Apr-2023 3:35:43 PM CDT
Is there an anticipated date for the Addendum with the Q & A to be released?
keithalanw on 12-Apr-2023 11:54:46 AM CDT
What is the anticipated date of award and first date of service?
keithalanw on 12-Apr-2023 11:55:11 AM CDT
Are positions all onsite and full time?
keithalanw on 12-Apr-2023 11:56:48 AM CDT
Is offshoring permitted?
keithalanw on 12-Apr-2023 11:57:02 AM CDT
How many references are we required to submit?
keithalanw on 12-Apr-2023 11:57:52 AM CDT
How are we required to provide pricing for the recourses we are submitting qualifications for? 
NWHITNEY on 12-Apr-2023 12:00:36 PM CDT
The deadline to submit questions was 4:30 PM on 4/10/2023. All questions submitted before the deadline have been forwarded to the appropriate personnel to answer. An addendum will be forthcoming.
Kent7546 on 12-Apr-2023 4:14:12 PM CDT
Can you let us know the date the addendum is forthcoming? Thank you.
brendanoriinfor on 14-Apr-2023 1:49:30 PM CDT
On the Contracts and Bids tab of the Jefferson Parish Attachment B, there are two locked cells. D81 and D92. Can you please advise?
kevineder on 27-Apr-2023 2:30:51 PM CDT
Given that the answers to questions have not yet been provided, will the Parish extend the due date to allow time for the Q&A to be reviewed once posted?
pdmatikw on 28-Apr-2023 9:52:15 AM CDT
Will you be issueing another Addendum and answer the rest of the questions on this Message Board?
NWHITNEY on 01-May-2023 8:08:31 AM CDT
All questions submitted on the message board prior to the deadline were answered in the addendum.
pdmatikw on 01-May-2023 11:37:29 AM CDT
None of my questions were answered in the Addendum, Most importantly was the question asked on March 28 at 10:19 am. We note on page 28 that “Proposers are encouraged to establish partnership relationships to fully provide all requirements defined by the RFP”. We are excited that the Parish is open to such an approach. Further in that section (on page 29) the RFP says “Each Proposer engaged in the partnership shall respond to any and all applicable portions of this RFP that relate to the work that will be performed, or the capabilities provided. For example, each Proposer shall provide references, and each Proposer shall respond to the Company Background and History questions.” Our question is: Does the Parish require that each Proposer engaged in a partnership submit six (6) references (as defined in the Tab 11 - References section of Attachment A)? Or just that each Proposer engaged in a partnership provide references (without stipulating a number) and the combined partnership must submit at least six (6) references?
All updates/changes are listed below::
05-May-2023 1:33:53 PM CDT
ADD #2 - Q & A
27-Apr-2023 3:36:26 PM CDT
ADD #1 - Q & A