VTSH Pumps for Wastewater Treatment Plant Attachment: VTSH Bid Documents 4-24-2019.pdf 
Agency: Mississippi > West Rankin Utility Authority
Reverse Auction: 49588825

Reverse Auction Information
Bids will be received by the West Rankin Utility Authority, hereinafter called the “Authority”, in the following manner for furnishing the VTSH PUMPS FOR WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY.
Submissions of technical information and equipment delivery as described in the Bid Documents will be accepted until 3:00PM, local time, on May 10, 2019 at the Administration Office of the Authority located at 520 Old Highway 49, Richland, MS 39218 (P.O. Box 180807, Richland, MS 39218-0807), or by electronic submission at www.centralbidding.com.  Submissions will be evaluated by the Authority and vendors submitting acceptable product technical information will be invited to submit price bids during the electronic reverse auction.  All prospective bidders must submit product information for each item of equipment on which they intend to submit priced bids. 
Bidding by electronic reverse auction will be held beginning at 9:00AM, local time, on May 30, 2019.  The reverse auction will last 30-minutes but may be extended by anti-sniping rules for reverse auctions.  Electronic reverse auction bids can be submitted at www.centralbidding.com.  Please contact Central Bidding at 225-810-4814 if you have questions related to the electronic bidding process.
Complete specifications and bid information may be obtained by contacting Bruce Stephens at the West Rankin Utility Authority at the above address or by telephone: 601-939-5620. Official bid documents can also be downloaded from Central Bidding at www.centralbidding.com.  Electronic reverse auction bids can be submitted at www.centralbidding.com. 
Additional information and assistance regarding this bid opportunity are also available at the Mississippi Procurement Technical Assistance Program (MPTAP).  Local contract procurement center information may be found at www.mscpc.com.
Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises are solicited to submit bids for this equipment.
All questions, clarifications, and requests, together with answers, if any, will be provided to all prospective bidders that have indicated an interest or intention to submit bids.  The Authority reserves the right to respond or not to respond to any questions, clarifications, or requests and reserves the right to waive any formalities and to reject any-and-all bids.
Bruce Stephens
Executive Director
Publication Dates:
APRIL 24, 2019
MAY 1, 2019

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