One or more solid waste trucks
Agency: Mississippi > Walthall County
Reverse Auction: 60076200


Electronic bids and/or reverse auctions bids may be submitted at
For any questions related to the electronic bidding process, please call Central Bidding at
225-810-4814. Bids may also be submitted in the regular meeting room of the Walthall County
Board of Supervisors, 200 Ball Avenue, Tylertown, Mississippi 39667, on Wednesday, March 24,
2021, beginning at 10:00 AM and ending at 11:00 AM (unless extended by anti-sniping) and will
be included in the"live" reverse auction. However, anyone wishing to submit bids in that manner will
need to register with Central Bidding prior to said date. After careful consideration, the Walthall
County Board of Supervisors will officially award the bid at the next scheduled Board meeting on
Monday, April 5, 2021, or as soon thereafter as reasonably possible.
If the agency is closed for any unforeseen reason which prevents the acceptance and/or
opening of sealed or electronic bids, or prevents the live reverse auction at the advertised date and
time, all bids shall be publicly opened and read aloud on the next business day that the agency shall
be open and at the previously advertised time. All reverse auctions shall begin on the next business
day that the agency shall be open and at the previously advertised time. The agency shall not be held
responsible for the receipt of any bids for which the delivery was attempted and failed due to the
unforeseen closure of the agency. Each vendor/contractor shall be required to ensure the delivery and
receipt of its sealed and/or electronic bid by the agency prior to the new date and time of the bid
The Board expressly reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, or any part of any
or all bids based on a lowest and best bid determination in the best interest of the County. The Board
of Supervisors may consider the following factors in determining the award: date of delivery,
service, previous performance and experience of bidder, buy back options, transportation costs, costs
of operating, quality, maintenance and warranty. The Board reserves the right to waive informalities.
The agreement shall contain an annual allocation dependency clause substantially similar to that set
forth in Section 31-7-10(8), Mississippi Code of 1972, Amended.
Please take notice pursuant to Section 19-13-17, Mississippi Code of 1972, Amended, that
the Board of Supervisors intends to pay for such equipment in installments or cash. Payment will be
made after first Monday of month following delivery, provided delivery is made on or before 25th
The County reserves the right to utilize "anti-sniping" for reverse auctions. Anti-sniping is
a tool that automatically extends the bid time for reverse auctions by five (5) minutes if a vendor
places a bid in the final five (5) minutes of the reverse suction. The anti-sniping effect will
automatically extend the reverse auction bid time any time a bid is placed in the last five (5) minutes
of the reverse auction and can auto extend the reverse auction multiple times until the bidding on the
reverse auction ends.


• The real-time bidding interface will appear below at the start date and time set by the owner. If you are viewing this page before the set start time of the reverse auction, you may need to refresh the page in your web browser in order to see the real-time bidding interface below.

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• For questions regarding automatic extensions of the Reverse Auction time and other Reverse Auction technical information, please refer to the Anti-Bid Sniping section on the Reverse Auction FAQ page.

• When entering a bid amount, you may ONLY enter numbers (and one decimal point if necessary).


Owner/Creator Username: WCMSHB
Reverse Auction Type: Single Item
Bid Solicitation Start Time/Date: 18-Feb-2021 9:31:11 AM CST
Bid Solicitation End Time/Date: 10-Mar-2021 10:00:00 AM CST
Reverse Auction Start Time/Date: 24-Mar-2021 10:00:00 AM CDT
Reverse Auction End Time/Date: 24-Mar-2021 11:00:00 AM CDT ( Expired )
Status Realtime Event
Action: Sign-In to Bid

Starting Bid Amount: $0.00
Current Winning Bid Amount: $ {current_winning_bid}

Time to auction end:
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04-Mar-2021 11:26:36 AM CST
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MSSALES on 24-Mar-2021 10:59:51 AM CDT
Due to the format of the reverse auction, Sansom Equipment Company is putting our bid here in the comments section. Per our Proposal, this price includes everything that you asked for and we meet 100% of the specs. Our sales price is $157,990.