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Notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Hancock County, Mississippi, will accept UN-PRICED BID PROPOSALS to arrive on or before 10:00 A.M. on Friday, April 2nd, 2021, in sealed envelopes clearly marked UN-PRICED BID PROPOSALS FOR ONE (1) MOBILE COMMAND CENTER. Proposals should be mailed or hand-delivered to Hancock County Board of Supervisors Secretary, 854 Highway 90 Suite A Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520 or by electronic bid submission at
Notice is further given that the Hancock County Board of Supervisors will, at, at 10:00 A.M. Central Time and ending at approximately 10:30 A.M., unless extended by Anti-Bid Sniping, on Friday, April 9th, 2021, accept electronic bids through a reverse auction for ONE (1) MOBILE COMMAND CENTER for the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, according to specifications on file with the Purchase Clerk of the Board and online at Bidders may download official documents from Central Bidding at, and Reverse Auction bids can be submitted through Central Bidding at Any questions regarding the Reverse Auction process should be directed to Central Bidding at 1-225-810-4814.
The Board of Supervisors reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to select the bid deemed to be the most advantageous to Hancock County.
In acquiring said Mobile Command Center, the Board of Supervisors expressly reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids or any part of any or all bids based on a lowest and best bid determination in the best interest of the County. The Board of Supervisors may consider the following factors in determining the award: date of delivery, services, previous performance and experience of the bidder, transportation cost, cost of operation, quality, maintenance and warranty.
The following specifications outline the minimum requirements for a custom manufactured Command Center for use by the Hancock County Sheriff's Office. The mobile command center will be divided into two (2) distinct areas separated by a pocket door.  Area one will have a minimum of four (4) work stations with overhead storage cabinets and an entrance door. This area will also have an electronics rack, galley area and tall storage. Area two will have a minimum of a conference table that will seat a minimum or seven (7) people. It will also have a flat floor slide out with overflow seating for 4 people. While all efforts have been made to fully detail the construction materials methods and equipment required to build this vehicle it remains the vendor’s responsibility to choose components that will provide maximum performance, service life and safety and not just meet the minimum requirements.
No drawings will be provided!  It is in the best interest of Hancock County Sheriff's Office to evaluate each vendor’s configuration concepts based on the description above and the information included throughout these specifications.
Due to the complexity of the conversion, vendors must provide detailed specifications.  A general statement or letter stating that the vendor meets all specifications will not be acceptable.  Additionally, photo copies of this specification will not be an accepted response.  For ease of evaluation, all submitted specifications must follow the format of this document.  Failure to meet these requirements may be deemed as nonresponsive.
To ensure Hancock County Sheriff's Office a source of service and parts over the anticipated life of the vehicle potential vendors must have established a permanency in the industry for a minimum of twenty (20) years. Reference vehicles must have fully automatic vehicle automation systems with logic capabilities and a flush floor slide out room extension. Vendors must include with their proposal a list of six (6) vehicles of similar (or greater) size and complexity delivered within the last eighteen (18) month period. Each list must include Department name, contact name, contact telephone number, contact email, date of delivery and vehicle photos. Hancock County Sheriff's Office will be contacting references, if information on provided lists is incorrect or named contacts are unreachable vendors response will be deemed non-responsive.  No exceptions.
Note:  References of a subcontractor or subsidiary will not be acceptable.  All references must be for vehicles built and delivered by vendor.
The ability to have the Command Center fully operational in a minimum amount of time is of utmost importance, therefore a fully integrated vehicle automation system is required.  The vehicle automation system must include an auto set up mode that will enable the command center to be fully operational/fully deployed in no more than ten minutes time by a single operator.  This includes but is not limited to: generator startup, interior and exterior lighting powered on, HVAC systems powered on, galley equipment powered on, audio/video systems powered on, slide out deployed, stabilizer system deployed, radio systems powered on, computer network equipment powered on, battery charging system powered on. and awning extended.  Complete details for the vehicle automation system are listed throughout the specifications.
Hancock County Sheriff's Office reserves the option to request, and the vendor shall agree to provide, an on-site demonstration and evaluation of a vehicle that has a fully integrated vehicle automation system prior to award.  The demonstrator unit shall be made available at no additional cost to Hancock County Sheriff's Office.
There will be no down payment, prepayments or progress payments.  No exceptions.

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