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The Bid Documents on this website were published by the Public Agencies. You can be assured the documents are complete, as Public Bid Law requires these Louisiana Political Subdivisions (agencies) to publish 100% of the project documents, including addenda.

Central Bidding is the only site to which vendors may submit online bids to the agencies listed within our site. These agencies use Central Bidding to receive Sealed Online Bids. Agencies use Central Bidding technology to unseal and view bids after the bid closes.

Six Month or One Year Memberships provide:
- Unlimited Downloads of any/all plans, specs, drawings, and any other public bid attachments made available on our website by the agencies
- Unlimited Access to our data base of Expired Bids. Search for and view bids submitted on recently awarded projects
- Access to our Public Message System for direct communication with the agencies
- Access to a vendor services representative for assistance throughout the bid process

These memberships are highly recommended to any individual or business interested in multiple contracts or sales opportunities through government agencies.

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